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Indoor exhibitions attracting great interest at air show

2018-November-7       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Advanced jet fighters, flight simulators, drones, propulsion systems, passenger planes, military defense, and space technology are on display this week in seven halls at Airshow China.

Advanced jet fighters, flight simulators, drones, propulsion systems, passenger planes, military defense, and space technology are on display this week in seven halls at Airshow China.

The 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, the largest ever in the history, opened at the Zhuhai Airshow Center in Jinwan District on Nov 6. Although there is, of course, much activity in the skies, state-of-the-art aviation, aerospace, and military defense technologies from around the world are attracting major attention on the ground.

Hall 1

A spotlight is shining upon a flight demonstration of the J-20 fighter, a new-generation stealth jet independently developed by Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC). New images and formations celebrate the breakthrough. Other advanced fighter models on display include the J-10B (1:5), J-11B (1:5) and J-15 (1:15).


J-20 fighter demo

Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong (also known as JF-17 Thunder), a multirole combat aircraft created jointly by China and Pakistan, is also a highlight. Drones, advanced heavy helicopters, airborne weapons, and civilian AC series helicopters reveal AVIC's comprehensive capacity. Meanwhile, the Y-20 heavy transport aircraft is also drawing crowds.


Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong

Hall 2

Aerospace and aviation advancements and cutting-edge defense equipment are shown by the likes of China Electronics Technology Group Corp and Aero Engine Corp of China. Aero Engine is presenting the first high-thrust augmented turbofan engine in the country under self-developed intellectual property rights. The Taihang engine is sophisticated and the major power behind third-generation main-battle aircraft for the Chinese military.


China Electronics Corp models [Photos by Zhong Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

In the meantime, China Electronics Technology Group Corp has 130 of its best products in defense electronics, information security, and public safety shown in its thousand-sq-m (quarter-acre) exhibition area.

The dazzling LED flight simulator, the first of its kind in the world, is attracting those wanting to experience being a pilot via virtual reality technology.

The group is one of the largest producers of telecom equipment in China.

Hall 3

The domestic passenger C919, known along with the AG600 and Y-20 as the the "three brothers," is a member of China's large aircraft family. The manufacturer, Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, also shows a full-size prototype of the CR929 long-range wide-body passenger aircraft, allowing visitors a close view and hands-on experience with the technology.


Y-20 transporter

Hall 4

The shared hall of Boeing and Airbus is being fully utilized to demonstrate the advantages of each of the giant competitors.

Airbus has never missed a session of the Zhuhai air show and has brought models of the latest wide-body aircraft, A330neo and A350-1000, and of a series of helicopters this go-around.

The multi-functional light single-engine H130 is up there with the latest H160 generation of helicopters. Equally appealing is the updated version of super-mid helicopter H175, which is a joint effort between China and France. The latest A220 jet airliner, having a smaller body than any other Airbus craft, is also on display.

Hall 5

Russia's proud aircraft engines are shining in Hall 5 while its FC-1 Xiaolong version is being exhibited in Hall 1.

Ukraine's Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Co, one of the largest engine manufacturers for airplanes and helicopters worldwide, is showcasing the market-favored AI-322 engine.

Other leading brands include UAC, GE, CFM, ATR, Safran, and Dassault.

Hall 6

Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park, the only one of its kind in Guangdong Province, is demonstrating great strides in developing the aviation industry. Its status as a National Hi-Tech Industrial Base for the Aviation Industry was awarded by the National Development & Reform Commission. This was further confirmed by the recent successful test flight of the world's largest amphibious aircraft, the AG600. The park's past decade of achievements is publicized in the hall to reflect China's rising prowess in aviation.

Hall 7

China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp has Hall 7's largest exhibition area -- 5,400 sq m (1.3 acres) -- to accommodate more than 80 products in air defense, coastal defense, ground strike, unmanned combat systems, early warning and surveillance security, commercial aerospace, command communications, and support guarantee systems. Forty have never previously been shown to the public.

Furthermore, self-developed high-speed trains are putting on a 1:1 simulation show.

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), known as the CASC Fifth Academy, is displaying the core module of China's space station, the Chang'e 4 lunar probe and relay satellite, among other products.


Core module of China's space station [Photos courtesy WeChat ID:zhuhaifabu]

The Chang'e 4 detector and relay star (model: 1:3) and other R&D milestones from the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology are being exhibited for the first time.

(city of zhuhai)

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