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Dongguan to forge “Capital of Technicians”

2018-September-12       Source: Dongguan Today

On the 3rd September, Dongguan Municipal Government held a press conference announcing that by 2020 Dongguan would increase the proportion of technicians around the city by at least 10%.

On the 3rd September, Dongguan Municipal Government held a press conference announcing that by 2020 Dongguan would increase the proportion of technicians around the city by at least 10%. In addition, it would also work hard to develop 100 standards for technical training, construct 100 work stations for technicians, offer more than 1,000 training courses to society, cultivate 10,000 international technicians, introduce and foster 10,000 craftsmen in urgent need as well as encourage 1,000,000 people to promote their degrees and technical skills. “So far technicians account for 12% of the population in Dongguan, and through these efforts should increase to at least 20%”, said a spokesperson of the Dongguan Human Resources Bureau.

Dongguan encourages scientific characteristics in terms of promoting technicians

At the press conference, new proposals on promoting the quality of hundreds of thousands of labour forces in Dongguan and forging Dongguan into a Capital of Technicians released by Dongguan Municipal Government were explained and are those which expect to be adopted as general directions in this field.

Dongguan Human Resources Bureau proclaimed that forging Dongguan into a “Capital of Technicians” is an important constructive effort to develop talents and the improvement of people’s lives, benefiting labourers, enterprises, training centres and professional academies. Labourers will have promotion opportunities based on sponsored technical training. Online and offline training platforms will be established so that everyone has access to a variety of training resources across many platforms. Work will be done to continue to select and cultivate “chief technicians” and “craftsmen in Dongguan”, with the aim of fostering a professional sense of honour among technicians. As for enterprises, Dongguan will construct new work stations for technicians, assist enterprises to establish standards for the promotion of talents and to cultivate technicians on a large scale. Policies with regards to the introduction of talents of high technical quality will be carried out and enterprises will be encouraged to attract urgently required craftsmen. A multi-evaluation mechanism for skilled personnel will be established to provide enterprises with effective standards for the training of talents.

Dongguan initiated the construction of working stations for technicians in 2014. Since then, a total of 8 stations of this kind have been established throughout the city, distributed in areas such as electronics, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, hotel catering, ceramics, automotive manufacturing, printing technology and more. From a professional view of categories of labours, these 8 stations could bear the responsibility of cultivating and promoting talents in fields like substation maintenance, ceramic decoration, Chinese and Western cooks, Chinese and Western pastry chefs, wire and cable manufacturing, lithography, automotive design and production. Notably, during 2016 and 2017, a total of 197 Dongguan “chief technicians” were cultivated in major industries such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, wire and cable, paper manufacturing, printing, catering and more, across 131 enterprises.  


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