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Guangdong, an easy place to live: Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif 在广州有一个埃及博士后,让月饼咸蛋黄更美味

2018-August-29       Source: Newsgd.com

“Easy” is the word Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif uses most to describe his everyday life and work in Guangzhou.

“Easy” is the word Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif uses most to describe his everyday life and work in Guangzhou.

Yousif is one of the four Egyptian postdoctoral researchers in the Institute of Animal Science, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

He came to Guangzhou in 2015. As a foreigner, Yousif also felt anxious about how difficult it might be to live in the city with his dietary requirements and faith. “However, Guangzhou quickly made me feel at home”, he said.

Support for research

The chance to undertake interesting research is another reason driving Yousif to relocate in Guangdong.

Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences is one of the best places for Yousif to study laying ducks. Yousif’s postdoctoral research has established the nutrient requirements of laying ducks and duck breeders.

The hot weather in Guangdong means animals here often suffer from high ambient temperatures (heat stress). Hence, Yousif’s research aims to alleviate the negative effect of heat stress on laying performance, egg quality, immunity and fertility in laying ducks through adding some novel ingredients to the bird’s diets.

In Guangdong, duck egg yolk is one of the main ingredients in Cantonese-style mooncake. This study will help to improve the quality of related duck-egg products.

Yousif in the presentation of his postdoctoral research. [Photo provided to newsgd.com]

During his postdoctoral research, he published 10 papers including 7 Science Citation Index (SCI) such as 《British Poultry Science》.

“All the things you need for that (research), Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences has and makes it available to you,” said Yousif.

The research team provided their help on the whole process of application before he came, such as registering, visa. The team also assisted him to conduct the animal and lab work.

In regards to living arrangements, the Academy offers great treatment and subsidies to supporting Yousif and his family’s lives here.

For foreign postdoctoral researchers, the Academy and institute will respectively provide 40,000 yuan per person per year over 2 years. Social insurance and an apartment are also offered, and children's school enrollment will be taken care of.

According to Yousif, by the help and guidance of his tutor Dr. Zheng Chuntian, he has learned and gained a great deal during the two-year research program.

Now, he is taking on another postdoctoral research project and will stay in the province.

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