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Have you melted? Tips for surviving the heatwave

2018-May-24       Source: Newsgd.com

Summer is the peak season for heat stroke. How can we avoid it?

These last few days it takes a lot of courage to go outside or turn off the air-conditioner. Even the early 8 am sun is making people sweat buckets.

On May 23rd (yesterday), most regions in Guangdong recorded the highest temperatures in China.

Up to 11:47 May 23rd, 86 cities or districts issued yellow alerts for high temperatures, and 10 issued the more serious orange alert.

How long will the heatwave last? According to the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory, the hot weather will last until at least May 26th. Whether it will rain depends on the thickness of cloud cover.


So just pray.

Summer is the peak season for heat stroke. How can we avoid it?

Drink more water. Drink water before you’re thirsty as when you feel thirst, the body is already in a state of water shortage. You can also drink specially hydrating salt waters as the body's trace elements are also carried away along with the evaporation of water.

Don’t rapidly consume iced drinks. A sudden drop in the body’s temperature might affect the normal operation of various systems, which might lead to heat stroke.

Ultimate sunproof equipments.

Avoid outdoor activities during the midday sun. Or if you must, be sure to wear a hat or sunglasses, apply sunscreen and drink enough water. Try to wear light fabrics like cotton, hemp and silk, and avoid polyesters which do not easily dissipate heat.

Get enough sleep. However, be careful not to lie under the air outlets to avoid having “air conditioner sickness” with the symptoms including fatigue, tension, irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Emergency medicine that might help

10 drops (in Pinyin “Shi Di Shui”, in Chinese “十滴水”)

Ren Dan (in Chinese “仁丹”)

Agastache liquid (in Pinyin “Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui”, in Chinese “藿香正气水”)

If early symptoms of heat stroke such as headache, dizziness, shortness of breath and hyperhidrosis occur, one should immediately rest in a shaded, well-ventilated environment, increase water intake and take the above medicine. If the symptoms are not relieved, one should be immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

Author: Sylvia

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Sylvia Xu

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