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Popular restaurants from two of Guangzhou's food streets: 'Time honoured' household names

2018-January-22       Source: Newsgd.com

Longjin Xi Road and Pantang Road, are two such streets in Guangzhou, and are home to countless small food stalls and restaurants, drawing both local people and visitors alike for decades.

Pantang Road (泮塘路)

Pantang Road is also located near Line 5's Zhongshanba station. From a local's point of view, more than half of Guangzhou’s characteristic dishes and delicacies can be found here on Pantang Road. The road is less than 400 meters long, but packed full of ‘time-honored' restaurants.

Ling Ji (凌记)

Ling Ji is a bustling time-honored restaurant. Its Cantonese rice noodles are quite starchy, which lends them their signature soft and sticky texture. Accompanied by a bone broth, they are bursting with flavour.

Address: opposite the Renwei Temple, Pantang Road, Liwan District (荔湾区泮塘路仁威庙对面)

Price: About RMB 13 per person

Kai Ji (开记)

Double-skin milk pudding (Shuangpi Nai 雙皮奶) with red bean is a must-order. Red beans are wonderfully soft and fragrant whilst the double-skin milk pudding is slightly sweet and richly custardy. After a spoonful of Kai Ji's red bean and milk custard, you will be left wanting more of this famous Cantonese dessert.

Address: F Building, east side of Pantang Road, Liwan District (荔湾区泮塘路东侧F幢)

Price: About RMB 15 per person

Wuzhan Ji (伍湛记)

The sampan rice porridge at Wuzhan Ji is another household name. The porridge has a fine and delicate texture, and is served with fish skin, egg slices and roast pork. By adding fried bread sticks and peanuts, you can savor a wonderful array of balanced flavors in just one dish, truly an unforgettable taste.

Address: opposite the 43rd Middle School, Pantang Road, Liwan District (荔湾区泮塘路第四十三中对面)

Price: About RMB 16 per person

(Author: Li Meng; Editors: Simon Haywood, Monica Liu)

Editor: Monica Liu

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