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Data shows you how popular "Jufeng 2016" exhibition is

2017-January-10       Source: Newsgd.com

The 10-day exhibition of “Jufeng 2016” has pulled down its curtain on Jan.From Dec.30, 2016 to Jan.8, 2017, more than 360 thousand citizens visited the exhibition, and over 950 thousand people visited the online exhibition.

The 10-day exhibition of “Jufeng 2016” has pulled down its curtain on Jan. 8. According to Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, from Dec.30, 2016 to Jan.8, 2017, more than 360 thousand citizens visited the exhibition, and over 950 thousand people visited the online exhibition.


Citizens visited the exhibition. (Photo/Steven)

Furthermore, a total of 55 thousand citizens clicked “Like” to Guangdong police on the online exhibition.

Police force from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai and other cities delivered safety awareness to citizens through variety of performances and interactive events.

Highest single-day visitors: 57 thousand

The exhibition included indoor display, outdoor performances and online display. There were eight sections in the indoor display, featuring opening introduction, anti-telecommunication fraud actions, anti-drug actions, anti-financial crime actions, anti-robbery actions, typical regions introduction, security precaution and conclusion respectively.

In the outdoor exhibition, explosion-proof robots, helicopters and other vehicles were on show. Citizens could also enjoy close contact with police dogs.


Citizens visited the exhibition. (Photo/Steven)

Citizens not only could take a photos with the police equipment in the outdoor exhibition, but also had the chance to experience how drug addicts feel.

According to one of our editors who participated in the interaction, the first three levels of experiences were so light that he did not even feel it; however, when it came to the fourth level which is the second high level, a tingle struck into his wrist. And the pain lasted for more than four hours.


Citizen experienced how drug addicts feel. (Photo/Steven)

“It is really hard for me when the level goes up to second level,” Said Mr. Wang, a middle school student experienced the drug device. “I won’t try any drug in my life.”

Furthermore, the anti-telecommunication fraud section not only displayed Guangdong police’s achievements in combating telecommunication fraud but had cartoon characters introduce anti-fraud measures. It is learned that Guangdong police has organized the most overseas crackdowns against telecommunication fraud, ranking first in the country.


Role-play of telecom fraud. (Photo/Steven)

A face recognition machine attracted a large crowd during the 10-day exhibition. The machine can recognize your face when you stand in front of it, and calculate your chance of being deceived.

“The exhibition is very interesting,” said Zhang Jiansheng, a 60-year-old security in Tianhe Sport Center. “We citizens feel safer, as the police hit the crimes more effective.”

Data shows that Jan. 8 has the largest visitor volume with a total of 57 thousand citizens visiting the exhibition.

Police of Hong Kong and Macau give high praise to exhibition

The exhibition not only attracted citizens in Guangdong, but also attracted the disciplined service from Hong Kong and Macau.

Hong Kong Immigration Departement, Hong Kong Police Force and Secretary for Security of Macau visited the exhibition On Jan 3.

Wong Sio-chak, Secretary for Security of Macau, indicated that the exhibition impressed him so much for it showed the great achievements of Guangdong’s effort on fighting crime.

“From this exhibition, we can see that the public security environment of Guangdong has being improved,” said Wong Sio-chak. “It is a outstanding result which made by the cooperation between the society and police force that Macau police should learn from.”

Choi Yuk-gang, Chief Superintendent of Police of Hong Kong Police Force indicated that Hong Kong Police Force will strengthen the cooperation with Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department on fighting against telecom fraud.

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By Steven & Abby

Editor: Abby

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