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Learn Chinese while riding the subway

2018-March-21       Source: Newsgd.com

Here are some useful metro language use.
The metro in China has become a staple in the country's rapid development. Consisting of a thread-like grid of metro lines that makes every important part of the cities accessible and easy to get around. Here are some useful metro language use.

……号线 hào xiàn Line...

……站 zhàn ... Station

……换乘 huàn chéng Transfer...



请刷卡 Qǐng shuā kǎ

Please swipe card



售票/问讯 Shòupiào/wènxùn




自动售票机 Zìdòng shòupiào jī

Automated Ticket Machines



1. 站名 zhàn míng Station Name

2. 下站 Xià zhàn Next stop



出口 Chūkǒu Exit



1. 广州地铁 guǎng zhōu dì tiě Guangzhou Metro 

2. 入口 rù kǒu Entrance


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Editor: Keane Wong

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