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10 Little Body Tricks That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner?"

2017-November-10       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Read a paragraph or so of sentences backwards, and you might be able to touch your toes.

1. Stop a sneeze in its tracks by pressing down on the area right above your upper lip.


While most of the time you should just go ahead and sneeze, you can definitely use this trick when you're, like, meeting your idol or saying your wedding vows.


2. Make pooping easier by elevating your knees and feet, so you're in a squatting position.


This is supposedly the more natural way for humans to poop.



3. When you get a brain freeze, press and hold your tongue up to the roof of your mouth.



这种因食用冰冷食物而造成的急促性头痛在英语中被称为brain freeze或ice-cream headache,俗称冰激凌头痛,学名为翼腭神经节疼痛(sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia)。


The roof of your mouth gets cold, which causes immediate constriction of the blood vessels. As soon as those blood vessels constrict, your body reacts by trying to dilate them very quickly in order to get more warm blood to the area and heat it up. Pain receptors in the roof of your mouth send a message up to your brain telling you you've got something bad going on in the roof of your mouth. And it causes you to experience an intense headache in your forehead.



4. Read a paragraph or so of sentences backwards, and you might be able to touch your toes.


It's not a permanent fix OR a miracle cure for chronic back pain, but hey, it's a cool trick.


5. Lie on your left side to help prevent bedtime heartburn after you eat a big meal.


Well, step one is to wait three to four hours after eating before you go to bed. Then yes, lying on your left side does help.


Several studies have found that sleeping on the right side aggravates heartburn; sleeping on the left tends to calm it.


The reason is not entirely clear. One hypothesis holds that right-side sleeping relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, between the stomach and the esophagus. Another holds that left-side sleeping keeps the junction between stomach and esophagus above the level of gastric acid.


6. Stop a nosebleed by leaning your head forward a little, then pinching your nose in a specific spot for five minutes.


According to the Harvard Health Blog, start by lightly putting your thumb and forefinger on either side of the top of your nose, then slide them down until you feel the "drop off," and you reach the cartilage. Pinch there, so you're holding both sides of your nose against the septum in the middle, and hold for about five minutes.



7. To calm down when you're feeling extremely nervous, put your thumb in your mouth, close your lips, and try to blow out air, letting your cheeks puff up.


Don't do it too hard, or for too long, but it's a vagal maneuver that could help slow your heartbeat.


8. When you accidentally burn your tongue on hot coffee or tea, swish with very cold water (but don't suck on ice).


Super-hot foods and drinks can cause a first-degree burn that damages the delicate membrane lining your mouth.


You generally don't need to seek medical attention for a mouth burn from hot foods or drinks.


The first thing you should do is swish with cold water to reduce heat in your skin and decrease swelling.


In the following days you should stick to a soft, bland diet and keep your mouth clean.


9. To quickly cure your hiccups: Deeply inhale, hold it, swallow twice, then exhale through your nose.


10. To hear someone talking next to you in a loud room, lightly pull back on the little flaps on both your ears — then push them in.


Those flaps are called the "tragus" — by holding it in, you block out a lot of the peripheral sounds, making it easier to hear the person right next to you.


Source:董静&yaning from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: 陈锦霞

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