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Do you like wearing long johns in cold days?

2017-November-8       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Speaking of which, it is about the time every mother pulls out long johns from the closet to make their children wear it.

Cold air is coming. Most cities in China are expected to see a sharp decline in temperature. Beijing has endured rainfall and a drop in temperature recently. Many residents have wrapped themselves up with warm winter clothes.


Speaking of which, it is about the time every mother pulls out long johns from the closet to make their children wear it.



英文中可以将秋裤称作long johns或thermal underwear,指通常在寒冷天气穿着的两件套长裤长袖内衣(a style of two-piece underwear with long legs and long sleeves that is normally worn during cold weather)。

一些词源学家认为,秋裤之所以被称为long johns,是因为19世纪末期美国家喻户晓的拳击手约翰•L•沙利文(John L. Sullivan)在比赛时总喜欢穿秋裤。



For many people, long johns have been something for grandparents — or rather, they are a fashion disaster.


In 2008, Su Mang, chief editor of Bazaar magazine, indicated that wearing long johns compromised fashion. "I never allow people around me to wear long johns," Su said in a talk show with TV anchor Chen Luyu.


As with Su, many young women don't wear thermal underwear even on cold rainy days. It is reported that despite the dropping temperature, there are a number of young people who don't wear long johns and they never will.



The temperature drop is projected to continue. Whether you wear long johns or not, health should be a top priority.



Hot pot


Hot pot is the best choice to keep warm in this cold weather, gathering friends and family members in front of a steaming chafing dish. All the ingredients stewing in the pot are selected based on personal taste.


Styles of hot pot can be divided into two types: Chongqing hot pot and the northern traditional brass pot. In Beijing, as an example, the Donglaishun Restaurant is a famous brand for the old-style hot pot, which requires a brass pot and charcoal fire to cook.


The chief characteristic of Chongqing hot pot is a numbing, spicy flavor. If you have a cold, Chongqing hot pot is highly recommended to cure it. With its garlic and oil remedy, Chongqing hot pot could make you sweaty and clean your sinuses.


Moreover, if you indulge in Korean dramas, the Korean kimchi hot pot could also be a good choice. The cheese, ramen and rice cake boiling in sweet chilli kimchee soup can be addictive.


Warm drinks


Whether a soothing hot tea, a mug of hot cocoa, or a cup of fruit wine, there's nothing like a warm drink to heat you from the inside out. No matter what your beverage of choice may be, time stands still when you grab a cup of whatever it is and just let yourself sit and enjoy the presence of others.


Outdoor activities


Autumn is a perfect season, with a comfortable temperature for people to do some outdoor events. Go hiking up the mountain or biking down the city. Just give yourself a break to enjoy the nature.


Source: 董静&yaning from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: 陈锦霞

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