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Silicon Valley executives are getting $8,000 BLOOD transfusions from the young in an effort to turn the clock back on ageing

2017-September-13       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Top executives in Silicon Valley are turning to blood from young people in the search for the 'biological fountain of youth.'

It may sound like a gruesome technique used by a vampire to get his daily fix.


But top executives in Silicon Valley are turning to blood from young people in the search for the 'biological fountain of youth.'


Early studies have suggested that the parabiosis procedure, which involves the transfusion of blood plasma from a young donor, can have age-reversing effects on the body - but it will cost you $8,000.


Larry Ellison, 73, co-founder of Oracle, is investing in start-ups working on the 'age-reversing' technique, according to The Times.


Speaking to his biographer, Mr Ellison once said: 'Death has never made any sense to me.'


Ambrosia, a start-up based in San Fransisco, offers plasma infusions at $8,000 for just two litres, to anyone aged over 35.


The firm sources the blood plasma - which comes from 16-25 year olds - from blood banks.


Speaking to The Times, Ms Jesse Karmazin, founder of Ambrosia, said: 'Our first clients were biotech chief executives.


'Now it's broader. More men, mostly in their sixties, though it ranges from thirties to nineties.


'About 10-15 percent are really into 'biohacking' and will be doing other treatments, diets etc.'

“有大约10%到15%的客户热衷于做 ‘生物黑客’,他们今后还将采用其他的治疗手段,比如食疗。”

Scientists first experimented with parabiosis in the 1950s, and in recent years, it's begun to gain attention once again.


In the organ systems of both animals and humans, the procedure has been found to reverse the symptoms of aging.


But scientists don't yet understand all of the mechanisms at work.


Ms Karamazin explained to Inc that the blood of a young organism is rich with proteins that improve cell function, and can spur the production of these proteins in the recipient's body.


And, the researcher says this effect appears to be 'almost permanent.'


Source: 赵晓 & 丹妮 from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: 陈锦霞

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