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Redheads and bald people may be getting their own emoji next year after relentless campaigning

2017-May-22       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Redheads and people who are losing their hair could finally get their own emoji.

Redheads and people who are losing their hair could finally get their own emoji.


The Emojipedia website has submitted new emojis following demands for them to be more diverse.


If its ideas are approved, the new emoji could be added next year, alongside new characters that have grey, curly or Afro hair.


New styles 'focus on appearances that aren’t currently supported in the informal skin tone/hair color pairings used by many vendors', the Emojipedia's submission page said.


The page gave Jessica Chastain and Ed Sheeran as examples of people with red hair.


Sinead O'Connor and Samuel L Jackson were given as examples of people with no hair or a shaven head.


The emoji could be released in 2018 if chosen by the Unicode Consortium following a number of complaints about lack of diversity.


At the end of last year Apple unveiled its iOS 10.2 software update which included 72 new emojis such as a firefighter, welder, astronaut and rockstar.

去年年底,苹果公司更新了iOS 10.2系统,其中就包括新增的消防员、电焊工、宇航员以及摇滚歌星等72个表情。

But redheads were notably absent prompting a global outcry.


An online petition in Scotland demanding ginger emoji got 20,000 signatures.


The main issue is there is one, overarching organisation, known as Unicode Consortium, who controls emoji on iPhone.


In March a new list of 69 emojis were published by Emojipedia which might be released later this year.


However, the emojis need to be approved by the Unicode Technical Committee before people can use them.


In 2015, Ginger emoji were unveiled on the Google Play Store for Android. But up until now, the Unicode Consortium has been reluctant to give into ginger campaigners.


Source: 董静&yaning from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: 陈锦霞

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