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From meat eating to Miss World: what each country is number one for

2017-March-17       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

We examine what various countries around the world are number one for.


We examine what various countries around the world are number one for.


United States 美国

Eating meat, owning guns and making billions


The US tops countless tables. It eats the most meat (120kg per person, per year, putting it clear of Kuwait, Australia, The Bahamas and Luxembourg), own the most guns (112.6 for every 100 residents; Serbia comes next with 75.6), and has the most airports (13,513), flight departures (9,553,214 in 2014), roads (6,586,610km), railways (224,792km), billionaires (540), and volcanoes (173).


Venezuela 委内瑞拉

Cheap petrol and Miss World winners


Thanks to a policy of heavy subsidisation, petrol costs just $0.01 a litre in Venezuela, according to the fuel analyst website globalpetrolprices.com. That's just one percent of the global average, $0.97, and well ahead of second placed Saudi Arabia ($0.24).


The country has produced six Miss World winners, putting it ahead of the UK (5), India (5) and the US (3).


Costa Rica 哥斯达黎加



Costa Rica is the most cheerful country on Earth according to the annual Happy Planet Index. Released last summer, it ranks 140 destinations according to "what matters most - sustainable wellbeing for all".


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Editor: 陈锦霞

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