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Dutch Reach: a practice to protect bikers from “being doored”

2017-February-20       Source: Newsgd.com

“Being doored” by cars is an unfortunate experience for city cyclists. Driver’s unintentional actions may lead to a tragedy.

“Being doored” by cars is an unfortunate experience for city cyclists. Driver’s unintentional actions may lead to a tragedy.


Well, recently, the so-called “Dutch Reach” sweeps through the social media, a practice that can keep cyclist from danger, especially now that bike-sharing service is taking off in many cities.


What is “Dutch Reach”?


“Dutch Reach” is imported from the Dutch and this is how it gets its name. The practice suggests that both drivers and passengers use their far hand and bring their arms across the body to open the door. It forces the drivers and passengers to swivel shoulder and head so that they can see if there are bikes coming from behind before opening the door.


There is a website called “Dutch Reach Project” (http://www.dutchreach.org/), which aims to promote the Dutch method to prevent doorings. It gives an demonstration of the practice. The procedures are concluded as “Reach, Swivel, Look out & back, Open slowly”.


It is learned that “Dutch Reach” has been commonsense in Dutch for 50 years. It is also taught in drivers ed training.

据说荷兰司机使用“Dutch Reach”开门已经有50年。驾校也会教学员这样做。

Other techniques to avoid “being doored”


1. Park your cars to the right (in China) and in the assigned space.

1. 停车尽可能靠近右侧或停在指定停车位。

2. Look out in your rearview mirrors to see if there’re bikes or pedestrians coming from behind.

2. 司机要通过两侧后视镜观察后方情况。

3. Open the door a bit first and watch out for the traffic.

3. 开车时,先把车门打开一点缝隙,确保安全后再推门下车。

4. Bikers and pedestrians should also keep cars parked at the roadside at a distance in case that the cars’ doors are opened when you pass by.

4. 骑车人、行人在路过停在路旁的车辆时,应注意保持与车辆的横向距离,以防车门突然开启导致受伤。

Editor: 陈锦霞

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