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The 3.5-month-long fishing moratorium finally ends. Fishermen now are sailing the China South Sea for fresh seafood!

2018-August-22       Source: Newsgd.com

When fishing restarts, celebrations for a new fishing season will be held alongside the costal cities, hoping for safety and prosperity.

When fishing restarts, celebrations for a new fishing season will be held alongside the costal cities, hoping for safety and prosperity. In these days, excited fishermen and seafood lovers in the costal cities, like Zhanjiang, has post their seafood feasts at Wechat moment.

Tourists are now heading to fishing ports to purchase freshly caught seafoods. If you are a seafoods lover, select one of following most famous ports and joint them!

1.Jianghong Fishing Port

Known as the “fish market at daybreak”, Jianghong Fishing Port becomes boisterous at dawn, when it falls on the first, fourth and seventh in Chinese lunar calendar, with businessmen and residents around lining for the first-hand products. The abundant seafoods resources in North gulf adds popularity to this famous port.

2. Caotan Fishing Port

Caotan Fishing Port, the biggest and earliest fishing port in Zhanjiang, is one of the top 10 anchor ports in Guangdong province, with 13 km coastline and a 280-meter t-shape wharf. Varieties of seafoods are provided, such as pearl, fin belly, prawns, dried occlusor and etc.

3. Naozhou Fishing Port

Small-scale, Naozhou Fishing Port, however, is famous as the largest volcanic island in China. The wide shore with good condition for sheltering wind and replenishment is enlisted as the state-class fishing ports in 2000. Numbers of seafoods are produced in the fertile island, including abalone, lobster and crabs.

4. Wailuo Fishing Port

Located at the east part of Leizhou Peninsula, Wailuo Fishing Port faces the board China South Sea and sells wide variety of high-quality goods. Due to fishermen’s hard work on deep-sea catch, people can buy yellow croaker, orbfish, scomberomorus, king prawns and giant crab here.

5.Wushi Fishing Port

Surrounding by sea and backed by Fangcanling, Wushi fishing port locates at the west coast of Leizhou peninsula, with long history. The locals live by fishing from generation to generation, providing market for eels, snapper, yellow croaker, garrupa, saidine, sleeve-fish and etc.

Editor: Xiaowen

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