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Pascal Ayerbe - Petit orchestra de jouets

2018-June-18       Source: Newsgd.com

Little Toys Orchestra is a music show during which audience and artists are in close proximity, where the spectator is invited

Date: Sep.13-16 (Thu.-Sun.)

Time: 19:30 (Thu.- Fri.), 10:30 15:00 19:30 (Sat.- Sun)

Price: 80 180 280 VIP

Little Toys Orchestra is a music show during which audience and artists are in close proximity, where the spectator is invited to listen to two musicians, partners in a sound fantasy. Their luggage is filled with toys, objects and various instruments among which a pink pig, a green pig, a witch, a guitar, a toy-piano, a mandolin, toys for dogs…all sorts of bits and pieces necessary to create some sound “scribbling”.

This concert is an invitation to travel, a musical parade with through the window of train “ sound” landscapes, music from the other side of the world, now on an island now in the Far West, brilliantly passing from a “ sieve” blues” (guitar made from a sieve), a waltz or a Samba to some most unexpected medieval music.

A globe-trotter like repertoire led by two musicians perched at the top of the Himalayas. Make way for an imaginary world.

Pascal Ayerbe

Pascal Ayerbe is a creator of sounds. He likes to say that he “ scribbles” not with paper but with his ears. With a unique blend of traditional instruments and ordinary everyday items, he creates his own special world of musical characters.

His technique is scribbling. Take whatever objects if it makes noise

(plastic toys, utensils, bowed saw, toy piano), then tame it, give it another life, another meaning, through sound. Somehow, it is a lesson of diverting.

“Flatten yourself, I stick my ears everywhere, I strip your attics and hit your saucepans as does the green woodpecker!”. Ayerbe creats music as discoveries, from haphazard and clumsy strokes of inspiration, which makes him an unclassifiable key composer.

Jean-Baptiste Tandé

Having trained as a jazz guitar-player alongside literary studies Jean-Baptiste defends a musical world based on openness, inventiveness, improvisation.

His favourite playing areas are songs (RaskarKapak, JB Notche) jazz and improvised music (HervéLouvet, Umlaut Big Band) mixed music (Abdul & the Gang, Rhys Chatham). He can also be heard singing and playing the accordion.

As a composer and alongside his own group combining sung poetry and jazz (Taki) Jean-Baptiste writes for the stage (The little girl who had lost her heart, Show langue, The Cabaret of all sorts) he also writes for the circus (L'Envoléecirque : the circus flight, the fabulous family company). His collaborations and personal projects have enabled him to give from his early beginnings several hundred concerts and performances in France as well as abroad. A long-term partner of Pascal Ayerbe, he scribbles joyfully in several of his performances : the Sound scribblers, Trio for a pea.

Among the toys and the most unexpected sound-producing objects (plastic animals including two groaning pigs, colourful bells, cow-bells automatons and a lorry turning on a record- deck...) a few more classical instruments edge their way (guitar, mandolin...) as well as two genuine musicians who joyfully lead this unusual orchestra.

In the midst of this installation, under their lit-up parasol Pascal Ayerbe and Jean- Baptiste Tandé interpret medieval gig, lullaby, waltz and songs. A playful, musical medley for delicate and curious ears.


Editor: Xiaowen

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