Vlog | Multilateralism 2.0 and Hannah’s 2.0 experience of Imperial Springs International Forum
It has been 2 years since the Imperial Springs International Forum (ISIF) was held last time. This year, due to China's effective COVID-19 control measures, the forum reopened. It was held both online and offline. Now, follow Hannah to get an insight into the forum, let's go!
Vlog| Why US is unwilling to understand China’s democracy?
Should it be a one-and-only definition of democracy? How democracy actually works in China? Why the US is unwilling to recognize China’s democracy? GDToday’s Jasmine tries to figure out the answers for all of the questions.
Vlog| AI, VR, 5G and more--the secret of China’s internet media
Are you a fan of cutting-edge technology? Are you curious about how China’s internet media works? The 2021 China Internet Media Forum was held from November 24 to 25 in Guangzhou. China’s top media outlets and Internet enterprises came to show their latest technology in this gala: AI, VR, 8K, 5G... Click this video to find out more!
Nigerian Ambassador to China says travel bans on Southern African countries ‘unfortunate’
“The real solution is that every country must be safe before all countries become safe.” said Baba Ahmad Jidda, Ambassador of Nigeria to China, at an interview with GDToday during 2021 Imperial Springs International Forum in Guangzhou.
Pakistani Ambassador to China: Architects of multilateral systems now seek to undermine it
The virus “has brought the entire world to its knees”, said Moin ul Haque. He furthered that this is the time when global solidarity and multilateral collaboration are most needed, but it seems that the countries who built the architecture of today’s multilateral system are now seeking to undermine it.
Hatoyama Yukio: Sino-Japan relationship cannot be damaged anymore
"The core of building a global community is love,” said Hatoyama Yukio, former Japanese Prime Minister. “In addition, mutual respect is another important factor for the community.”