Expats explore pre-prepared food in Zhanjiang ahead of Chinese New Year
Ahead of the Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, two YouTubers, Neslihan Kilavuz from Turkey and Rafael Saavedra from Venezuela, went to Zhanjiang, a city located in the southwest of Guangdong province. They explored the pre-prepared food industry in the city by visiting several leading enterprises there and looked for some pre-prepared dishes for a New Year's Eve dinner.
Charm of Lingnan | Traditional Manchu Chinese marriage customs
For Manchu families in Guangzhou, a typical process of traditional marriage includes the following steps.
Bring Chinese New Year vibes to your home
In Guangzhou, how do you bring home the festive vibes? Read on to find out more!
Charm of Lingnan | Original flavoured rice noodle soup & rice noodle soup with fish balls
Rice noodle soup is a traditional Chaozhou-Shantou styled dish and a favourite of people in South China. Walking on a street of Guangzhou, the commercial hub of the region, you may encounter one or two small rice noodle soup restaurants. In recent years, the original flavoured rice noodle soup dish has risen in popularity in the city.
How to usher in the Year of the Tiger in Guangdong
With the 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year approaching, what are you going to do to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Tiger? The following are some exhibitions and interesting activities themed "tiger" that we recommend for you in Guangdong. Don't miss out!
Charm of Lingnan | Top five speciality vegetables from Bantang
In the Republic of China period, people in Bantang Village (now the Guangzhou tourist attraction Lychee Bay) grew water vegetables in paddy fields and ponds. Among these local specialities, water caltrops, lotus roots, water chestnuts, water bamboo, and arrowheads have been hailed as 'Wushou' (五瘦) or 'Wuxiu' (五秀), literally meaning 'five great vegetables', due to their agreeable mouthfeel, nutrients, and weight loss effects.
Charm of Lingnan | Cantonese-style palace lantern: the art of light
As the Spring Festival approaches, lanterns are gradually hung up on high streets and back lanes in Guangdong. Among them, Cantonese-style palace lanterns are receiving great acclaim and becoming widely known even among overseas customers.
Charm of Lingnan | Top five ways to enjoy eggplants in Guangdong
Cantonese cuisine, a world-renowned culinary genre, is one of the "Eight Cuisines of China." It lays emphasis on the quality and taste of ingredients, and eggplant plays an important role in it. Let's take a look at eggplant cooking and find out the best way to enjoy eggplant in Guangdong style.
@Hannah: Stay cool in the Year of the Tiger
@Neslihan: To be sweet in the Year of the Tiger
@Rafael: To eat well in the Year of the Tiger
@Hannah: Stay cool in the Year of the Tiger
@Neslihan: To be sweet in the Year of the Tiger
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