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【新“客家”洋人群英会】Inside Guangzhou’s aircraft maintenance business through the eyes of GAMECO’s German CEO 德国CEO带你走进广州飞机维修车间

2018-October-11       Source: Newsgd.com

If you travel to a foreign country, the airport is almost always the first place you arrive and your first taste of the unique vibe of a city or region.

“The opportunity is obvious. Guangzhou can handle more passengers with more aircraft landing and taking off, which directly brings more business,” he said, “but it’s also challenging as the area T2 covers is very big. We have to have more mechanics and move the airport toll trucks and lots of supplies, such as, hydraulic power and air conditionining.”

Norbert disclosed that the company has been hiring more people and building more hangers and workshops. It has also invested a lot in technology including digital solutions for composite parts. “We keep improving our capacity and efficiency, for example, whilst we hired forty percent more people, our revenue has more than doubled.”

“The aviation industry is born to be global, international”

Norbert Marx has been in the aviation industry since the 1980s with work experience in Germany, Switzerland, Canada and U.S. From his perspective, people are one of Guangzhou’s key advantages.

Compared to the Beijing company he worked for in the 90’s, Norbert said GAMECO has much less foreign employees. “The know-how transfer was important at that time, however, we have caught up in the industry now and are able to form a really good team by hiring and training local people.”

GAMECO first earned a spot on the Aviation Week’s compilation of the world’s top ten maintenance, repair and overhaul providers in 2015 since which the company has maintained their position on the list. [Photo\mro-network.com]

Editor: Jasmine

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