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I feel at home here: how Evergrande’s Alan Carvaloh sees Guangdong恒大外援阿兰:在广东找到家的感觉

2018-August-16       Source: Newsgd.com

As a matter of fact, whether Alan is on the field or not, his contribution to the team is undeniable. Alan has played nearly one hundred competitions and won eight championships for Guangzhou Evergrande since January of 2015. Also he was named the Chinese FA Super Cup’s most valuable player twice.

(Provided by Guangzhou Evergrande)

A city of glory

Alan’s beginning in Guangzhou was not so prefect. He has undergone his fair share of hardship since he started his career in professional football back in 2007, notably suffering a cruciate ligament injury during training just one month after his debut for Evergrand in February 2015. After a year out of action he recovered fully and swiftly went back to playing an outstanding game of football.

“Before (I joined Guangzhou Evergrande), I thought that I might easily score 50 goals in one season. But it was not as easy as I expected. Many foreign players came, only to find their dreams hard to achieve,” the 29-year-old striker admitted during an interview with a Brazilian newspaper this March.

Before his present role at Evergrande, Alan played for Red Bull Salzburg in Austria. Titled the UEFA Europa League Top Goalscorer in 2014-15 season, Alan had a moment of hesitation when it came to relocating to China. After some discussion with his family, he decided to sign the four-year contract with a transfer fee of 11.1 million Euro.

Alan was able to resume his professional career quickly enough. Nearly 15 months after his injury, he came back to the field, and scored 18 goals in 35 appearances as Guangzhou won the double of 2016 Chinese Super League and 2016 Chinese FA Cup.

According to the latest statistics, till May 15th of 2018, Alan scored 51 goals in 51 appearances for Guangzhou Evergrande. A statement by Guangzhou Evergrande described Alan as a "blade", who is physically very strong and make wise use of opportunities. He has also been said as "strong, energetic, skilled" and a player with good control of the ball.

Alan is impressed by his Chinese teammates, and the progress they have made. In recent years these has been a substantial amount of emphasis placed on the sport by the government, and as a result, its popularity in schools and society as a whole has grown. Alan praises the improvement of the players around him and in the country as a whole. He is positive about measures to promote professionalism in this field.

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