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【新“客家”洋人群英会】Mauro Marchesan - a foreign pilot learning martial arts in Foshan开得了飞机,耍得了咏春,南航这位“洋老广”要逆天

2018-October-8       Source: Newsgd.com

Mauro Marchesan, an Italian pilot, first came to Guangdong in 2012. Once called “Canton” by the west, all he knew of Guangzhou was its rapidly growing prosperity and geographical proximity to Hong Kong. After 6 years working for China Southern Airlines, however, he has gradually become as familiar with the city as many locals are, using WeChat, Didi, dining with Chinese colleagues in Cantonese restaurants, and even learning Wing Chun from a martial arts master in Foshan, a southern city once home to both Ip Man and Bruce Lee.

Mauro practices Wing Chun. (Dong Tianjian, Nanfang Daily)

Fulfilling a dream of learning Kung Fu

At the end of 2013, with the help of his colleagues, Mauro made the acquaintance of a Wing Chun master, Lu Bojun, in Foshan and began to learn Kungfu there.

Master Lu, nearly 70 years old, began learning Wing Chun aged just 14. Now he is the Wing Chun coach of an association of martial arts in Foshan. Moreover, Master Lu speaks English and can explain the theory and skills of Wing Tsun to his Italian student.

For Mauro, to learn martial arts also means learning about Chinese martial culture and history. Every 2-hour long lesson begins with a tea talk with Master Lu who tells Mauro of his experiences, deepening Mauro’s understanding of Chinese martial arts. It is because of this that Mauro makes the effort to take at least 3 lessons every month despite his busy schedule.

As a student and friend of Master Lu, Mauro has even invited Master Lu to visit Italy, and with Mauro’s help, Master Lu was granted an Italian visa and even stayed at Mauro’s home for a week.

When talking about his life in Guangdong, Mauro expressed his satisfaction, noting how convenient it is to take the metro or grab a taxi, and that he can find shops and supermarkets easily. “The city has everything, basically.”

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