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Monser: Guangdong is headed in the right direction to advance manufacturing industry

2017-September-21       Source: Newsgd.com

Emerson believes the province can turn obvious challenges into opportunities by adopting a wide-ranging and holistic approach like adopting digital technologies, improving the efficiency of government, etc.

Talking about Guangdong’s future development, Edward L. Monser, advisor to Guangdong Governor and President of Emerson, highlighted digital technology, innovation, intelligent manufacturing and Emerson’s cooperation with Guangdong in an interview with Newsgd.com during the ongoing International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province 2017 (ICCFED 2017).

Emerson is one of the old friends of the conference and it is the sixth participation for Advisor Monser.

Governor Ma Xingrui (R) met Mr. Edward Monser, president of Emerson. (Photo: ICCFED official website)

Newsgd.com: What suggestions have you put forward to the Guangdong government in your report this year?

Mr. Monser: Our recommendations focus on three areas:

First is the use of digital innovation to transform businesses and industries. Digital transformation is changing how manufacturers produce goods and how enterprises conduct business. As the information technology and digital sector is developing fast in Guangdong, the province is uniquely placed to leverage its high tech industry to support the transformation of the manufacturing industry. Financial incentives, such as tax allowances and subsidies, can be used to encourage automation with a focus on data gathering and analytics.

Second, Guangdong’s numerous well-established ecosystems have historically provided a good supplier base for all manufacturers, that is key to Guangdong’s success. We believe that these ecosystems need to evolve with the support of digital technologies and cater to the new growth pattern in the province. Investing in information and communication technology infrastructure will be essential, especially for enterprises located in remote areas. Guangdong province can also leverage government projects and e-government initiatives to create a market and ecosystems for enterprises.

Third, it is important to improve the ease of doing business and people’s lives by investing in education, housing, transportation and healthcare. We encourage the Guangdong government to investigate ways to provide affordable housing, education and healthcare services. We also recommend continuing to build and maintain infrastructure and simplifying government processes.

On the morning of September 20th, Mr. Edward L. Monser (L), President of Emerson, visited Guangdong Museum of Art. (Photo: ICCFED official website)

Newsgd.com: What would be your comments on Guangdong’s current advanced manufacturing development? What else can the province do better?

Mr. Monser: We believe that Guangdong is headed in the right direction to advance its manufacturing industry. Guangdong has already made significant steps to increase research intensity with Governor Ma Xingrui’s vision of spending 2.65 percent of GDP on research and development. The number of high-tech companies in Guangdong's Pearl River Delta region, a manufacturing center, reached 18,880 in 2016, up 78.8 percent over 2015. Boosted by this innovation-driven model, the number of invention patent applications in Guangdong also increased by 50 percent in 2016. All of these are significant achievements.

In addition, the government’s commitment to and investment in clean energy and sustainability is important in attracting foreign enterprises to invest in Guangdong as well as being important for ensuring investment and innovation in these areas.

As a next step, there are opportunities for manufacturers in Guangdong to leverage digital technologies and ecosystems to transform.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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