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Hong Kong and Macao students in Guangzhou meet new semester with meaningful curriculum

2021-February-27       Source: Newsgd.com

The students from the classes of Hong Kong and Macao residents’ children in Guangzhou joined in various traditional cultural activities on the Lantern Festival.

Making lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, making sweet dumplings... The students from the classes of Hong Kong and Macao residents’ children in Guangzhou joined in various traditional cultural activities on the Lantern Festival. They spent the traditional Chinese festival in unique ways amidst joy.

(Students are making sweet dumplings, Photo:Catherine)

At present, there are about 18,000 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan receiving elementary education in Guangzhou, mainly studying in public schools, international schools, and private schools. In order to ensure the high-quality education for the children of Hong Kong and Macao residents who are employed and run business in Guangzhou, Guangzhou started a pilot program during 2019. Up to now, there are 25 classes established for Hong Kong and Macao residents’ children in 9 schools throughout 6 districts in Guangzhou, covering elementary schools and middle schools.

Most of the pilot classes are arranged independently and the curriculum is consistent with the national compulsory education curriculum system. In addition, consideration is given to the living environment and cultural habits of Hong Kong and Macao students, the schools also explore featured courses and bilingual teaching whilst a richer knowledge of the state of China is introduced to the classes, so that students can gain a better understanding of the motherland.


Guangzhou Chaotian Primary School was one of the first primary schools in the city to open classes for Hong Kong and Macao kids. The Principal of Chaotian Primary School, explained that with more than a century of history, the school attaches great importance to traditional cultural education. For the kids in Grade One and Grade two, it provides courses such as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese folk music, and historic storytelling in Cantonese.

(Kids from Chaotian Primary School are making lanterns, Photo:Catherine)

In Guangdong Overseas Chinese High School (GDQZ), Hong Kong and Macao students take courses which are applicable for the Joint Examinations and Enrolment (JEE) of Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese. With the test results, students are able to apply to their dream schools in Mainland China.

(A student is having Aeromodelling class, Photo:Catherine)

According to Wu Sihai, Director of Academic Affairs of GDQZ,the pilot classes also offer comprehensive science and humanities courses such as Chinese Culture, Chinese Studies, International Relations, and Aeromodelling to cultivate the spirit of exploration, patriotism, literary flavor, creativity and practical skills, promoting an all-round development of the students.

As well as enjoying the colorful curriculum, just like other classes, students from these pilot classes are also very active in participating in various campus events such as art festivals, mini-marathons, and sport leagues. “We won the football league last year!” a Hong Kong student from Grade Ten of GDQZ said cheerfully.




Editor: 张诗雨

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