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A letter from the Spring Festival 50 years ago 50年前的那封春节银信

2021-February-12       Source: Newsgd.com

Yin means remittance from overseas Chinese. Xin refers to correspondence.



“Father, we have a very good life now. Both my wife Sumei and I are very grateful to you. Many times, I dreamed of you coming back. However, I failed to wait for your return in the end.” 83-year-old professor Huang Zhuocai couldn’t help weeping when he touched the letter and remittance that his father Huang Baoshi sent to him during the Spring Festival 50 years ago.


Huang Baoshi was born in Taishan, Jiangmen, Guangdong, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. In 1937, when Japanese troops began an invasion in China, Huang Baoshi travelled thousands of miles away to Cuba to make a living. That year, Huang Zhuocai was less than one year old.


Since then, the long-distance family got through the difficult times via Yinxins.


Yin means remittance from overseas Chinese. Xin refers to correspondence. Therefore, Yinxin means the remittance and letters from overseas Chinese. Yinxin in Jiangmen’s Wuyi region is also called Qiaopi in Chaoshan region in the east of Guangdong. Yinxin first came into being in the 1930s. In 1979, Yinxin was put under the management of the Bank of China and stepped down from the stage of history after about half a century.


In this video, grey-haired Huang Zhuocai talked about his stories with his father via Yinxins. Although Huang’s father was far away from him, his father’s love has never been absent from his life.



Producer: Zhao Yang

Director: Ou Xiaoming, Zhang Youqiong

Script: Wu Anglin, Bi Jiaqi, Gong Chunhui, Huang Kunyuan

Filming: Chou Minye, Yao Zhihao

Video editor: Zhou Xinyu, He Zhihao

English script: Monica Liu, Nancy Ye (intern)

English editor: Jerry

监制 策划:赵杨

执行/编导:区小鸣 张由琼

采写/脚本:吴昂霖 毕嘉琪 龚春辉 黄堃媛

摄像/摄影:仇敏业 姚志豪

剪辑包装:周鑫宇 何志豪

英文翻译:刘灵芝 叶珍(实习生)


Editor: 张诗雨

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