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Over 12,000 free tickets to GD's attractions available during CNY

2021-February-10       Source: Newsgd.com

Tickets will be available between February 11 (starting at 8:00 pm, Chinese New Year Eve) and February 18.

Major attractions across Guangdong will offer more than 12,000 free tickets worth over 1 million RMB to the public during the Chinese New Year holiday, according to the Guangdong Tourism Attractions Association (GTAA) on January 28.

Baiyun Mountain (Photo: Fu Chaojun)

Tickets will be available between February 11 (starting at 8:00 pm, Chinese New Year Eve) and February 18. Tourists can log onto GTAA website or follow its official WeChat subscription account "智游广东" (pinyin: zhi you guang dong) to reserve the tickets. Instructions are available on the website or WeChat account.

Now, over 30 attractions have participated in this activity, including Nanhai Xiqiao Mountain and Guangzhou Baomo Garden. Most of them are national 5A and 4A scenic areas featuring natural landscape, historical and cultural attractions, hot springs, recreations and resorts, and coastal excursions, etc.

Qingyuan Millennium Yao Village (Photo: Liang Wenxiang) 

Some of the attractions include:

Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain (广州白云山)

● Nansha Wetland Park (南沙湿地公园)

● Nansha Tianhou Palace (南沙天后宫)

● Guangzhou Yuyin Garden (广州余荫山房)

● Guangzhou Baomo Garden and Nanyue Garden (广州宝墨园·南粤苑)

● Xiqiao Mountain (西樵山)

● CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town (中央电视台南海影视城)

● Qingyuan Jiulong Town (清远九龙小镇)

● Qingyuan Cave Fairland (清远洞天仙境旅游度假区)

● Qingyuan Gulong Gorge (清远古龙峡森林王国)

● Qingyuan Millennium Yao Village (清远千年瑶寨)

● Taishan Naqin Peninsula Geological Ocean Park (台山那琴半岛地质海洋公园)

● Jiangmen Gudou Hot Spring Resort (江门古兜温泉小镇)

● China Hakka Park Heyuan (河源客天下国际旅游度假区)

● Shaoguan Xianmen Canyon (韶关仙门奇峡)

● Fogang Shampoola Forest (佛冈森波拉度假森林)

Guangzhou Yuyin Garden (Photo: Wu Weihong) 

According to Zhou Zhihong, Secretary General of GTAA, this activity was planned as a call for "staying put in Guangdong for the Spring festival". Most free tickets however, will have a long period of validity, and some will not expire until December 31, 2021, so that participants can feel free to schedule their visits.

Co-presented by GDToday and GDUFS Chinese Cultural Story Exchange Group

Editor: Monica Liu

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