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Alert | Don't pick this mango on the roadside...

2020-June-22       Source: Newsgd.com

A pie in the sky might not be real, however, there are real mangoes falling from the sky in Guangdong!

A pie in the sky might not be real, however, there are real mangoes falling from the sky in Guangdong!

Mangoes ripen from May to July. During this period, the attentions of foodies will be drawn to the green mangoes in the street trees across many cities in Guangdong.

It looks delicious, however, here comes the question: is it edible?


Mangoes growing within cities’ greenbelts are different from those mangoes sold in the market, they are relatively poor varieties with low edible values. Their fruit tastes astringent, and may have heavy metals and pesticide residues, due to year-long exposure to car exhaust, dust pollution and pesticides.

As part of city’s green plants, greenbelts mango trees are relatively wind-proof, and the lush branches can provide shades for citizens to guard against the blazing sun at noon. The fruits hanging in the trees also form a view of urban landscape.

How to distinguish edible and greenbelts mangoes?

Edible mangoes: diverse origin, large size, thin peel and small core.

Greenbelts mangoes: generally small size, with a greenish yellow color, thick peel, and large core.

The easiest way to distinguish: look at the number of small holes caused by worms, those with many holes on the peel can be identified as greenbelts mangoes. Edible mangoes in the orchard, however, with bagging to protect them from worms, have less holes.

Aside from the greenbelts mangoes, with white flowers, the Sea Mango has fruits that are similar to mangoes, but are highly TOXIC, especially its stems, leaves, fruits and white juices. Even half a fruit can be deadly, so don’t touch or eat it!

Distribution: China’s Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Taiwan.

Flowering period: March - October

Fruiting Period: July - April of the following year

“As a good moisture-proof tree, Sea Mango also has great ornamental value. Without touching it, the Sea Mango itself is not toxic to people. But if you accidentally eat it, or if a child picks its flowers, fruits, and touches the juices, it may cause allergies,” according to Zhou Lanping, senior engineer in the Gardening Department of the Shenzhen Bay Park Management Center.

The center said it will also set up signs in conspicuous locations to remind citizens not to pick it and avoid being poisoned.

Do you know the following 9 common toxic plants?

Author: Hannah

Editor: Jerry, Steven

Graphic: Mia

Editor: Hannah

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