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Video | Rebirth of Mr.Takeaway Box

2020-April-15       Source: Newsgd.com

As a takeaway box, from packaging to distribution, from desks to trash cans, the peak of my life, which is the “effective time”, is about half an hour. However, my life is far from over. Before and after Trash Sorting, I have a very different life.


Ordering takeout enables people to enjoy delicious food without leaving our home\office, however, also brings the waste of takeaway boxes. In Guangzhou, nearly 3 million people order takeout every day. Meituan takeaway alone produces more than 16.8 tonnes of takeaway boxes a day.

From packaging to distribution, from desks to trash cans, the “effective time” of a takeaway box is about half an hour. However, the box's life is far from over.

Once upon a time, a young takeaway box retired early, and there were only three ways to go.

1. Lying

2. Rafting

3. Re-employment

After trash sorting, so many ways are available to help box realize more value in society.

1. Go for a travel

2. Stay at home

3. Starting a business

4. Engaged in logistics industry

Now, Mr.Takeaway Box has more options for reemployment than before the waste classification was promoted. We also hope that there will be more choices and opportunities in the future.

Author | Ann, Austin,Annie, Monica, Aoife

Editor | Hannah

Tutor | Tang Jiamei, Wing Zhang, Olivia Yang, Keane Wong

Editor: Hannah

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