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Weekend cold front to bring storms and temperature drop by 5℃

2020-April-10       Source: Newsgd.com

A cold wave will sweep Guangdong from north to south on April 11th (Saturday) arriving in Guangzhou by evening time.

A cold wave will sweep Guangdong from north to south on April 11th (Saturday) arriving in Guangzhou by evening time.

The daily average temperature is expected to drop by 3℃-5℃ on 11th and 12th across the middle and northern parts of the province, and temperatures will fluctuate wildly on both the 12th and 13th.

Northern and eastern Guangdong as well as the Pearl River Delta region will see strong convective weather this Saturday, with short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, gale-force winds, and hail.

 (Photo: Zhang Guanjun)

5-day forecast for Guangdong

On April 10th, most parts of the province are forecasted to be cloudy with showers in some areas and light fog in the morning and evening reducing visibility to below 1000 meters.

On April 11th, there will be heavy rain in northern and eastern Guangdong, the Pearl River Delta region and Yunfu, with a chance of storms hitting some areas. There will also be strong convective weather with 50-75 km/h winds, lightning and hail. Other cities and counties will see cloudy weather with storms and heavy rain.

On April 12th, it is expected to dry out, with cloud and sunny spells across most parts of the province. The lows will be between 10℃-13℃ in northern Guangdong, 6℃-8℃ in high-altitude mountainous areas, 16℃-19℃ on the Leizhou Peninsula and 13℃-16℃ in other regions.

On April 13th and 14th, most parts of the province will see continued cloudy weather.

 (Photo: Zhang Guanjun)

7-day forecast for Guangzhou

April 10th (Friday), cloudy, 17℃-27℃

April 11th (Saturday), cloudy with moderate rain and a chance of heavy rain, 17℃-26℃

April 12th (Sunday), cloudy with a chance of thundery showers, 15℃-21℃

April 13th (Monday), cloudy with sunny spells, 13℃-21℃

April 14th (Tuesday), cloudy, 15℃-21℃

April 15th (Wednesday), cloudy with showers, 16℃-22℃

April 16th (Thursday), cloudy, 16℃-23℃

Authors: Monica Liu & Zoey Huang (intern)

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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