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Guangdong reports 26 new cases & Dongguan is ready for potential peak

2020-February-11       Source: Newsgd.com

As of 00:00, February 11th, Guangdong has confirmed 26 new cases, pushing the total number of infected patients to 1177.

As of 00:00, February 11th, Guangdong has confirmed 26 new cases, pushing the total number of infected patients to 1177.

Qingyuan, Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, Shanwei, Shantou, Chaozhou, Meizhou, Heyuan reported no new cases on February 10th.

The 17th press conference on Guangdong's fight against the coronavirus (NCP) was held in Guangzhou today.

[Photo: Nian Qing]

Dongguan ranks as the second most popular destination amid the rush of people returning to work, according to the migration data released by Baidu Maps. With more companies resuming operations, epidemic prevention and control are faced with new challenges in Dongguan.

Yu Lijun, Deputy Mayor of Dongguan, said at the press conference that the city has suspended all job fairs across the city and encouraged companies to set up medical observation sites.

"Dongguan insists that companies should resume work in different stages, and their prevention and control measures should meet relevant standards before the resumption of production." Yu said.

If necessary, schools at all levels will postpone the beginning of term. Medical observation sites are in place to prevent students and teachers from contracting the virus.

Yu revealed that the grain and edible oil reserves of Dongguan are enough to cover six months.

Expert: Novel coronavirus outbreak may peak in mid-to-late February

Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan on Tuesday predicted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) epidemic will reach its peak in mid-to-late February, based on data model analysis.

Zhong made the remarks at a teleconsultation with a medical team working in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

It's hard to predict when the inflection point will come, said Zhong, adding that it depends on the prevention and control work during the travel peak.

The fatality rate of NCP is lower than the rate of SARS and MERS, said Zhong.

The expert also called for continuing prevention efforts to ensure early detection and early quarantine, saying the situation in Wuhan will improve, but it is still in a difficult time now.


Source: Newsgd & CGTN

Editor: Monica Liu

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