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Fair to promote contemporary art in Guangdong

2019-December-9       Source: Newsgd.com

2019 Art Canton · Contemporary Art Fair opened at the New Fa Center in Guangzhou on December 6th, featuring 100 artists from 18 countries and over 1000 artworks.

2019 Art Canton · Contemporary Art Fair opened at the New Fa Center in Guangzhou on December 6th, featuring 100 artists from 18 countries and over 1000 artworks.

More than 50 artists from abroad attended the art fair, accounting for over half of the total number, including Daniel Kocev Pazamat from Macedonia, and Peggy Le Poulen from France.

2019 Art Canton · Contemporary Art Fair [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

Contemporary artist Daniel Kocev Pazamat has attended the fair three times. A visual artist, Daniel focuses on nature and its phenomena as a key point in his artistic opus. Influenced by Eastern philosophies, his focus is interpreting life as manifested through universal energy changing its course, intensity, and form. This year, he has brought a set of installations and a dozen paintings, which are different from what he displayed at last year’s event. His pieces aroused the curiosity of many fair attendees.

Daniel's artworks on display at the fair. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

Peggy Le Poulen used to work in France as a textile designer on carpet products. She arrived in Shanghai in 2006, and expanded her artistic repertoire by adding more diversified media. She has been experimenting with a wide range of techniques and materials, such as weaving and embroidery. From afar, you might think her pieces are just normal paintings, but on closer inspection you will notice the embroidery and other textures incorporated in the paintings, creating a unique and fascinating visual effect.

People view Peggy's artworks at the fair. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

Dozens of notable artists from China also attended the event, including the curator of the Guangdong Museum of Art Wang Shaoqiang, the curator of the Lingnan Museum of Fine Art Ye Xiangming, contemporary artist Wei Ligang and Guangdong lacquer artist Zhang Wenzhi. 

Zhang Wenzhi, who rose to fame in the United States and South Korea, is exhibiting her contemporary take on the traditional art of lacquer painting at the fair. Zhang has committed herself to the research and promotion of lacquer painting for dozens of years. Her works embody a respect and profound understanding of the heritage of the medium. Archaeological discoveries suggest that the use of lacquerware in China started as early as in the Neolithic Age 7,500 years ago. People initially used lacquer as a glue to repair and protect the surface of objects. Screens decorated with lacquer only began to appear in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) before becoming commonplace.

People view Zhang Wenzhi's artworks at the fair. [Photo: Art Canton organizing committee]

The art fair should help to promote the development of contemporary art in the province, Wu Shaoning, chief curator of Art Canton and renowned art critic, said at the opening ceremony of the art fair on the afternoon of December 6th, 2019.

Lu Xiaokun, founder of Art Canton, also believes that contemporary art boosts the diversification and development of culture.

People visit the art fair. [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

The art fair will close on December 9th, followed by the first ever Ink Canton · a Classical Ink Art Fair which will be held at the same venue from December 12th to 15th. Ink Canton will focus on traditional Chinese ink painting and unique ink and wash works by Chinese artists from across the country will be exhibited. If you are a fan of the medium, don’t miss out.

Author: Monica Liu

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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