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A poetic journey throughout Huizhou in November

2019-October-30       Source: Newsgd.com

Finally the best season Autumn is now upon us. How about going on a trip through delightful Huizhou during nature’s most beautiful season?

Finally the best season Autumn is now upon us. How about going on a trip through delightful Huizhou during nature’s most beautiful season?

Between November 22nd and 25th, Huizhou will be holding the 2019 Guangdong Tourism and Culture Festival and the 10th Huizhou Su Dongpo Culture Festival, highlighting the city’s link to the great poet Su Dongpo, gourmet treats and much more.

A panorama of the West Lake in Huizhou. [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Su Shi (1037-1101), also known as Su Dongpo, was one of the renaissance men of China‘s Song Dynasty (960-1279). A writer, poet, painter and calligrapher, Su lived in Huizhou from 1094 to 1100, during which time he developed a profound friendship with the people of the city and enjoyed many of his best years in the city.

To learn more about this legendary figure and his time in Huizhou, you can watch cultural performances featuring Su at the opening ceremony of the festivals, attend the Dongpo culture forum, visit the historical sites related to Su such as his former residence, memorial hall and temple, and go on a tour to of ‘Dongpo culture’ around the city along the special tourist routes which will be advertised during the event.

Su Dongpo Temple [Photo: Liang Weichun]

You also won’t want to miss the culture, tourism and sports expo, the carnival and the music festival. The expo will highlight characteristic towns, renowned scenic spots, recreational vehicles, sports equipment, products and resources from over 10 provinces across the country. Carnivals will be held in seven districts and counties around the city with different themes including folk culture, cultural heritage, hot springs, gourmet cuisine, and bicycle racing. The music festival will feature about 20 local bands as well as several famous musicians and bands from other cities across the province.

It only takes one to two hours get to Huizhou by car or high speed rail from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan. So, are you ready for a trip to Huizhou in November? Last but not least, here is a list of just a few of the must-see scenic spots in Huizhou and the schedule of the festivals.

Schedule of the two festivals

Mount Luofu (罗浮山)

Mount Luofu [Photo: Wang Changhui]

As one of the top ten mountain ranges in China, Mount Luofu has a total 432 mountains and peaks, 980 waterfalls and springs and many bizarrely-shaped stones, cliffs and caves. The fascinating mountains are covered by lush green forests and are said to be dotted with the abodes of fairies and immortals.

Nankun Mountain (南昆山)

Nankun Mountain [Photo: Wang Changhui]

Nankun has been hailed as “the Oasis on the North Tropic of Cancer”, “Paradise of Summer Retreat in South China” and “the Backyard of the Pearl River Delta Region”. The resort is home to breathtaking mountains, a vast expanse of old trees, an ocean of bamboos, wondrous pines and stones, running streams and cascading waterfalls.

Huizhou West Lake (惠州西湖)

A panorama of the West Lake in Huizhou. [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Does a tour around a picturesque lake surrounded by airy pavilions, bridges, pagodas and meandering lanes sound enticing? West Lake in Huizhou is the right place to go. What’s more, it is packed with heritage sites.

Xunliao Bay (巽寮湾)

Xunliao Bay [Photo: Wang Changhui]

Xunliao Bay is famous for its “uniquely-shaped stones, clear water and white sands”. The resort boasts a meandering coastline, a flat seabed, pure white sand, and crystal clear sea water. Who can resist the temptation of this enticing sub-tropical coastal scene?

Double Moon Bay (双月湾)

Double Moon Bay [Photo: Liang Weichun]

Double Moon Bay refers to both Daya and Honghai Bay which look like two crescent moons back to back from a bird’s-eye view. The sea views are absolutely spectacular. What’s more, you can enjoy great seafood here.

Longmen Natural Hot Spring Resort (龙门尚天然国际温泉小镇)

A hot spring resort in Longmen [Photo: Chen Jianqing]

The resort is set against idyllic scenery with mountains, rivers and a green ecological environment. It has more than 30 hot spring pools of different sizes and distinct features, such as volcanic mud baths.

Author: Monica Liu

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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