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[双语] 东南亚网媒走进深圳,惊叹大湾区科技创新 Shenzhen impresses Southeast Asian media with technology & innovation

2019-September-5       Source: Newsgd.com

)“深圳的发展令人非常惊叹,‘very impressive’!这个城市的效率、企业的创新成果、人的创新精神和实干精神,处处都让人感觉到这里非常有活力!” 9月4日“活力湾区 世界共享”东南亚主流网络媒体湾区行联合采访团走进深圳。

“Shenzhen’s development is marvellous. Its efficiency, achievements in innovation, creative spirit, pragmatism and energy are very impressive,” shared Han Yonghong, Vice Editor Chief of Lianhe Zaobao. This was her second visit to Shenzhen, with eighteen years having passed since her first visit.


On September 4th, Han and other journalists participating in the Southeast Asian Media Greater Bay Area Tour arrived in Shenzhen. They visited the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (‘E Hub’), China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) and Tencent’s headquarters as well as attending a symposium to explore how technology and innovation form part of the DNA of this ‘City of Innovation’.

A look into the latest innovation achievements at E hub

The journalists visit the Qianhai exhibition hall. [Photo by Will]

The first stop of the day was the E Hub in the Qianhai and Shekou area of the Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone. In the exhibition hall, the journalists were captivated by a motion capture camera able to lock on a target and follow it, the operation of which is all done via a mobile app.

Sun Jifei, Vice Editor in Chief of Indonesia Shang Bao, commended the product for its powerful functionality and said it could be of great help to journalists. Sun said he would return to the media group Shang Bao and strongly advise them to purchase a batch of these products for their journalists: he exchanged business cards with the camera product team.

Another highlight of this stop was an intelligent suitcase equipped with a sensor which automatically weighs the case and a fingerprint reader lock mechanism. The journalists tried the case out personally and Han Yonghong paid special attention to Hong Kong young entrepreneur Guo Weiqiang, co-founder of the company and interviewed him about his work and life in the city.

Mr. Sun Jifei tries on an automatic skateboard at the E Hub. [Photo by Will]

Innovation and entrepreneur platforms represented by E Hub have attracted a new generation of Hong Kong entrepreneurs to settle down in Shenzhen.

“In 2015 my team founded WALNUTT, with the aim of making WALNUTT a high-end technology brand. We established Product Research and Development and Product Test Departments in both Dongguan’s Songshan Lake area and Qianhai in Shenzhen, with just our Marketing Department staying located in Hong Kong,” said Henri Pang Yik-hang, founder of WALNUTT and a young man from Hong Kong.

“Shenzhen and Dongguan have competitive advantages in manufacturing while Hong Kong is a well-developed international city, so this strategy is ideal for us to expand our global footprint. The ability to combine these two elements shows the strength of the Greater Bay Area. I believe it will become a world-class bay area,” Henri Pang said.

CIMC’s self-developed mega projects launched in Southeast Asia

The journalists visit CIMC lab. [Photo by Will]

At the CIMC lab, the journalists first viewed a model of a piece of offshore drilling and production equipment, then got a further glimpse of the outdoor drilling platform using VR headsets, and inquired about CIMC’s development in Southeast Asia.

According to one staff member, CIMC has three drilling platforms in Malaysia. In 2014 CIMC’s first marshalling yard was established in Thailand’s largest port – Laem Charbang. In Indonesia, CIMC ENRIC built the world's first ever carrier vessel for compressed natural gas (CNG) for Perusahaan Listrik Negara. Malaysia’s three jack-up drilling platforms were manufactured by CIMC; CIMC worked with a Malaysian company to bid for a CNG fuelling station related facilities project tender.

In the future, CIMC will use its aquafarm platform to promote deep-sea farming technology throughout the wider Southeast Asian area in order to cope with issues of increasing marine fishing intensity and increasingly serious seawater pollution, among other things.

CIMC has spent ten years to realise its goal of 100% self-design and ownership of the intellectual property rights on its products. It is now one of the most advanced shipyards in the world, with one of its five R&D centers being located in Shenzhen.

Deepening international cooperation & innovation

Journalists pose for a group photo at Tencent. [Photo by Will]

On the afternoon, the media delegation paid a visit to Tencent’s headquarters in Yuehai, a sub district of Nanshan. They watched the almost science fiction-like promo video for the Tencent Data Center in southwest China's Guizhou province and tried out the new payment system launched by WeChat in August. Later they attended a symposium with government officials to learn more about the technology development in Shenzhen.

With the objective of becoming “a developed and international innovation city”, “a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity with international influence” and “a global benchmark”, Shenzhen not only attaches great importance to innovation in technology but is also expanding the depth and breadth of international cooperation by establishing overseas innovation centres. Shenzhen will continue to seek out and implement international technology projects, and especially to fund cooperative research and development and relevant exchange activities, in particular the Shenzhen-Israel R&D Cooperation Program.

Yuehai, home to some of China's biggest names in technology, has awed the world. Tencent’s original headquarters is located here and Tencent, ZTE and DJI all made their names here.

Data shows that 3,579 national high-tech companies are now located in Nanshan District, with 154 of them being publicly listed companies either at home or abroad. Last year, the added value from strategic and emerging industries in Nanshan and total R&D spending accounted for 60% and 4.71% of its GDP respectively. The number of international patent applications under the PCT accounted for 39% of Shenzhen’s total.

Journalists’ opinions of the GBA trip

Mr. To Le Minh is interviewed by local media in Shenzhen. [Photo by Will]

Tan Dawn Wei, the China Bureau Chief of The Straits Times, pointed out that the GBA’s development will bring huge opportunities to neighbouring countries and regions, especially those Southeast Asia. Tan said she would report the gratifying changes that are happening across the GBA to the people in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. She hopes everyone can find a win-win outcome.

To Le Minh, chief reporter of the Vietnam People's Newspaper’s Beijing Permanent Office told our reporter that he was amazed by Qianhai’s development and believes this is a great example of development for his country to follow.

Sun Jifei, Vice Editor in Chief of Indonesia Shang Bao, said that Shenzhen is developing rapidly and playing a leading role in the GBA, guiding the industries of some neighbouring cities. He thinks that in the near future, young people from Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia will begin to be attracted to move to Shenzhen and other GBA cities to start up businesses.

Author: Monica Liu

Editors: Wing Zhang, Simon Haywood

Video: Luo Zhongming, Wu Zejia

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Editor: Monica Liu

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