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C.G. of Iran in GZ: Visa-free policy indicates trust and friendship in Iran-China relations

2019-August-9       Source: Newsgd.com

Dr. Khalil Shirgholami, Consul-General of Iran in Guangzhou, said that the policy shows Iran and China’s highest level of trust and friendship.

The Iranian government on July 16, approved a visa-free policy for Chinese tourists visiting Iran. Chinese citizens holding passports from the People’s Republic of China, or from the Hong Kong or Macao special administrative regions of the PRC can enjoy visa-free travel to Iran. They can stay in the country for up to 21 days, according to China Daily.

Dr. Khalil Shirgholami, Consul-General of Iran in Guangzhou, said that the policy shows Iran and China’s highest level of trust and friendship. “We hope so much that implementing this policy would be a new window of opportunity between two nations for more communication and better understanding of each other,” said Shirgholami.


Chinese tourists welcomed in Iran

Iran boasts not only picturesque natural scenery such as jungles, mountains and deserts, but also a splendid culture heritage.

[Photo provided by Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou]

[Photo provided by Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou]

Shirgholami said that the tourists can start the journey from Tehran, and travel southward to relish the wonders of Shiraz and Isfahan, such as the marvelous mosques and tombs, shop in bustling bazaars and experience traditional Persian culture in many time-honored tea shops and crafts markets. They can also visit the ancient Achaemenid site of Persepolis.

[Photo provided by Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou]

Having lived in Guangdong for over two years, Shirgholami knows Cantonese cuisine well. “Guangdong food is among the healthiest food and cuisine cultures. In Iran we also have distinct customs and traditions of cuisine in different parts of the country,” said Shirgholami who also suggested that Chinese tourists should not only try ordinary restaurants but also the traditional restaurants in each city they visit, because of Iran’s nutritious and delicious cuisine.

“Since Iran-China relations have always been based on trust and friendship, Chinese tourists are very welcome in my country. I hope that due to the historic and amazing tourist attractions of Iran, Chinese tourists will grasp a chance to go to Iran and see my country. They are always welcome,” said Shirgholami.

Mutual understanding between countries depends on the communication of people

Iran and China, both have rich cultural heritage. According to Shirgholami, the exchange of civilizations has always been based on understanding, which is possible through the communication of peoples and nations. “When they go to see other nations and try to recognize others’ traditions of culture, it will make the basis for better mutual understanding,” said Shirgholami who added that Iran and China share similar views and ideas about the world order, and value the necessity of multilateralism and cooperation.

[Photo provided by Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou]

Iran’s exchanges with Guangdong to be further enhanced

In Shirgholami’s eyes, Guangdong is among the biggest provinces in China not only in terms of the size of population but also in trade, industry, business, finance, and technology. “It is one of the most important places and targets for us, almost one third trade and business relations are concentrated here in Guangdong province,” said Shirgholami.

Iran has established friendly and crucial relations with Guangdong in terms of trade, business, technological interactions and people-to-people relations. Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, and Gorgan, one of the important cities in Iran, have established sister city relations since December 2018.

In addition, the Consulate-General of Iran in Guangzhou has hosted joint cultural events such as the exchanges of culture and art groups. Iran plans to take part in tourism exhibitions in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities of Guangdong province.

[Photo provided by Consulate General of Iran in Guangzhou]

Tips for visiting Iran:

The Chinese consulates general and the Chinese embassy in Iran remind Chinese citizens of the following rules and safety measures:

1) Always respect the local customs and habits

2) Female travelers in Iran (except for preschool children) should wear headscarves and avoid low-cut clothes

3) Male travelers in Iran should not wear vests or shorts when going out

4) Stay away from danger and keep an eye on your personal belongings

5) Follow the local laws and do not take pictures in sensitive areas and do not use GPS, walkie-talkies and other communication equipment

In addition, Chinese citizens should familiarize themselves with basic medical emergency procedures ahead of time since Iran is an earthquake-prone area. They should keep themselves hydrated because the risk of heatstroke is high in Iran during summer. Tourists are also advised to purchase travel insurance in advance.

The Chinese government also reminds travelers that credit cards, including UnionPay, Visa and MasterCard, as well as traveler’s checks are not valid in Iran. Individuals are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages, pork or other prohibited items to Iran.


Author| Hannah, Keane

Video| Keane, Steven, Enling (Intern)

Editor| Chris, Wing

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