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[Bilingual] GDToday’s article used in GZ’s English test paper 中考放榜日,小南送上新秘籍!英语考试要考好,这个网站少不了

2019-July-12       Source: Newsgd.com

近日,眼尖的网友们发现,广东知名权威英文国际传播网站南方英文网的稿件成为了广州市海珠区八年级期末考试的材料。Recently, netizens spotted that one of GDToday’s event articles was used in an English final test paper for the eighth grade students in Haizhu District, Guangzhou.




Recently, netizens spotted that one of GDToday’s event articles was used in an English final test paper for the eighth grade students in Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

As you can see in the picture of the test paper, the first question, a cloze test, is based on an event organized by GDToday for its expat fans to experience how to paint Canton Porcelain at Xu Enfu’s Workshop in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, right before the Spring Festival in 2018.


A photo of the English test paper for the eight grade students in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. (GDToday is the official WeChat account of Newsgd.com)


In recent years, more and more exam questions are based on stories and materials of real life. For example, famous Guangdong cartoonist Lin Dihuan’s cartoon was used as the essay topic in the Chinese test of this year’s college entrance exam. Another example is, of course, GDToday’s event article being selected in Guangzhou’s English test paper.


QR code of GDToday, the official WeChat account of Newsgd.com



On January 19th, 2018, eight expat fans took part in GDToday’s Canton Porcelain workshop. At the workshop, Xu Junru, daughter of Xu Enfu and also a Canton Porcelain master, gave an introduction of the cultural background and the techniques of painting on porcelain in English, and guided the attendees to make their own Canton Porcelain works.


Screen shots of Newsgd.com and GDToday’s event articles.


Apart from that, GDToday has organized a great many other events for fans to experience Cantonese culture and taste authentic Cantonese cuisine as well as to share their stories in Guangdong, such as visiting flower fair, tasting Gongfu tea, writing Spring Festival couplets, and making dim sum. The feature story ‘Guangdong Expats: A day in the life’, showcasing the highlighted moments of a dozen of expats in Guangdong, even won the top news prize of the year in the province.


If you also want to get the up-to-the-date Guangdong news, experience local culture, taste the amazing delicacies, or share your stories, Newsgd.com and GDToday should be your first choice. Scan the QR code to follow us on WeChat now!


Author: Keane Wong, Monica Liu

Editor: Wing Zhang

Editor: Monica Liu

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