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Can't-miss North Emperor’s Birthday Temple Fair held in Foshan

2019-April-8       Source: Newsgd.com

Foshan Ancestral Temple Fair, namely North Emperor's Birthday Temple Fair, is being held at Foshan Ancestral Temple (Zumiao) from April 7th to 9th, 2019.

[Photo: Dai Jiaxin]

Foshan Ancestral Temple Fair, namely North Emperor's Birthday Temple Fair, is being held at Foshan Ancestral Temple (Zumiao) from April 7th to 9th, 2019. This year’s fair features parade performances, intangible cultural heritage display, temple fairs and more.

The third day of the third lunar month each year is commonly known as the "North Emperor's Birthday", which is a major folk event in Foshan. It has been a mixture of folk festivals, sports performances, tourism and other elements for many years and has become one of the most attractive cultural symbols in Foshan.

What are the highlights of the fair? Just follow us to know more about it!

The 8-minute 3D video

Sreenshots of the video

For the first time, the parade performance activity of North Emperor's Birthday utilized digital technology of 3D simulation to create an 8-minute 3D video, namely the North Emperor parade in the Foshan Ancestral Temple. The video reproduced the grand performance occasion of North Emperor against a background of Foshan’s ancient towns in the Qing Dynasty and was broadcast firstly on April 7th.

North Emperor worshiping ceremony

Before the official parade performance, a solemn North Emperor worshiping ceremony was held in front of the Three Gates of the Ancestral Temple. Guard of honor of North Emperor is the only complete set in China with rich varieties. 106 weapons in Qing Dynasty demonstrate the solemnity.

Parade of North Emperor

[Photo: Dai Jiaxin]

As the best part of the North Emperor's Birthday every year, the North Emperor Parade took place at 10 am on April 7. This year's parade performance team was still in full swing. The North Emperor's honor guard team started with the Octave Drum And Gong followed by the 106 guard weapons. The phalanx performed at the entrance of the Ancestral Temple, the entrance of the Xuangong Hotel and the Baihua Plaza.

Temple fair

During the North Emperor's Birthday, audience can not only watch cruises, exhibitions, but also can enjoy the delicious food of the special property market in the Ancestral Temple. The market displays various Guangfu specialty products and traditional Chinese snacks.

Intangible cultural heritage display

[Photo: Dai Jiaxin]

When visiting a temple fair in Guangzhou and Foshan, the birthplaces of Lingnan culture with considerable national-level and provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, how can you miss the intangible cultural heritage exhibition? During the North Emperor's Birthday, the Ancestral Temple gathers masters of intangible cultural heritage covering Foshan wood engraving pictures, paper-cutting, Shiwan Ceramics Artistry, Lion head production, Canton Guaze. The masters gave performances for audiences and launched a special exhibition called Arts and Crafts Exhibition of Lingnan Masters.

American tourist Chris, a martial arts fan, had a blast at the exhibition. He paid a special visit to the temple fair and intended to get to know more about renowned Chinese martial artists Wong Fei-hung and Ip Man whose birthplaces are Foshan. Chris is fond of lion dancing very much. Once he saw the Foshan festoon lion head at the exhibition, he bought one as a souvenir without hesitation. He said many expats are fans of Foshan traditional culture and hope to experience more about it.

[Photo: Dai Jiaxin]

The temple fair will last until April 9th (Tuesday). If you are intrigued by these amazing events, visit Foshan Zumiao right away.

Add: No. 21 Zumiao Lu (Rd.), Chancheng District, Foshan

Metro: Take Guangfo Line and get off at Zumiao station

Admission: Adult: RMB 20 per ticket, Child: RMB 10 per ticket

Source: en.foshannews.net & Newsgd.com

Editor: Monica Liu

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