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Expert to show you the beauty of Lingnan architecture

2019-January-31       Source: Newsgd.com

In Guangzhou many historical Lingnan architecture are well preserved. Want to know the beauty of culture in Lingnan architecture? Tang Xiaoxiang has all the answers.

◎ Xiguan mansions

Fengyuan Street is where you can find lots of historic architecture in traditional styles, especially the well preserved Xiguan mansions. From these old buildings, you will get a fascinating glimpse to see how Cantonese people lived in the late Qing and earlier.

Xiguan mansions, the grand mansions of high officials and rich businessmen living in Xiguan (today’s Liwan District), has been an inseparable part of the history of Guangzhou ever since it came into being. Its interior decoration adopts exquisite wood carvings, screens and windows in Manchow style. The walls are decorated with polished bricks and hollowed-out Manchow windows whose colored glass reflects on the shinning rosewood furniture and brings about an air of mystery.

Nearby metro station: Changshou Lu Station, Line 1

◎ Arcades in Enning Road

Walking along Enning Road, you will be enchanted by the arcades on this over 1500-meter long street. These arcades were mainly built in the 1920s and 1930s and are well preserved. Due to these extensive arcades, Enning Road is hailed as one of the most beautiful old streets in Guangzhou.

Most of the arcades in Guangzhou are three or four stories with a protruding structure or arcade stretching above from the second story over the sidewalk. They are linked together by the side of the street, forming a shaded corridor, which keeps the shops along the sidewalk as well as the pedestrians safe from the scorching sun and rain. The arcade provides great convenience for the local people, and once was the main form of architectural style in Guangzhou.

Apart from arcades, Enning Road is also home to Former Residence of Bruce Lee, Cantonese Opera Museum, and many other scenic spots. So if you are looking for nostalgic tour of Guangzhou, Enning Road is your best starting point.

Nearby metro station: Huangsha Station, Line 1 or 6

◎ Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is a catholic building with a history of over 150 years. As one of the majestic buildings in China, the church enjoys a reputation as the Eastern Notre-Dame de Paris. Its long history and its Gothic style have endowed the cathedral with an aura of divine power, profound wisdom and glorious sights.

The church is not only a place for Catholics to take mass but also a haven where visitors can compose their minds. In the courtyard, trees and flowers flourish, and the lightness and freshness and intoxication of the gentle air blows here and there with a faint aroma. Sometimes, expats play the guitar and sing music under the trees, all combining to offer a peaceful, relaxing but solemn ambience.

Nearby metro station: Haizhu Square Station, Line 2 or 6

Editor: Monica Liu

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