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Big names to guide you to explore the Flower City Guangzhou

2019-January-29       Source: Newsgd.com

Six big names have been invited to guide you to travel in the city around the Spring Festival. To start with, let’s get to know them one by one.


Guangzhou, an international metropolis, a National Central City, and an international trade center, has not only urban appeal but also traditional cultures.  

In Guangzhou, you can savor countless delicacies including Cantonese dishes and various other cuisines from across the globe, visit modern skyscrapers and ancient arcades and Xiguan mansions, enjoy the fascinating day and night view on Baiyun Mountain or Canton Tower, see a large number of rare animals from different parts of the world, and experience traditional Lingnan customs of the Spring Festival by visiting a flower fair.

In order to inspire and assist you to explore more about the Flower City Guangzhou, six big names have been invited to guide you to travel in the city around the Spring Festival. To start with, let’s get to know them one by one.

◎ Shen Lili

Shen is an ace tour guide in Guangzhou, a senior tour guide certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the secretary-general of Guangzhou Tour Guide Association. She has all kinds of knowledge about the city at her fingertips and is very familiar with all the trendy spots favored by the youth.

◎ Zhou Zhihong

Zhou is the secretary-general of Guangdong Tourism Attractions Association. He has participated in or been in charge of a great many of tourist projects. When it comes to how to choose and view special scenic areas or attractions in Guangzhou, he is an expert at that.

◎ Tang Xiaoxiang

Tang is a doctoral supervisor and a professor of the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology. He is also a leading expert in architectural aesthetics in China. Want to know more details about Lingnan architecture? He has all the answers.

◎ Peng Qing

Peng is a professor of the School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-sen University. She is also a leading expert in hotel industry in China. She will show you how to choose the best Cantonese style hotel services for the Spring Festival in Guangzhou.

◎ Liang Jianyu

Liang is a cooking master certified by the China Cuisine Association and the executive chef of the White Swan Hotel, the iconic five-star city-resort in Guangzhou. Liang has been working in the culinary industry for about 30 years. Follow him, you can enjoy the most authentic Cantonese cuisine.

◎ Carlos

Carlos is from Brazil and has been in Guangzhou for almost five years. He calls himself a Guangzhouer and Guangzhou his second hometown. He is going to show you the highlights of the city through his eyes.

From January 29th onward, stay tuned on Nanfang Plus APP for these big names to bring you the most unforgettable tourism experience in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, Guangzhou is planning 11 flower fairs across the city for people looking to add some floral fragrance to their Spring Festival celebrations. Here is the information of six flower fairs in central city:

Apart from visiting a flower fair, you can also admire the beauty of flowers just along the streets or in a park around the city.

Parks in Guangzhou will also launch a series of events to mark the Chinese New Year. For example, Yuexiu Park will hold a lantern festival, Liuhua Lake Park will stage a special Lingnan bonsai exhibition and the Guangzhou Zoo will organize a zodiac cultural exhibition.


Tourists view tulips at the Sunflower Garden in Nansha District, Guangzhou. [Photo: Xiao Xiong/Nanfang Daily]

People view plum blossom at the Xiangxue Park in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. [Photo: Wan Wenlong/Nanfang Daily]

Gorgeous bougainvillea are seen on the flyover near Wuyangcun Metro Station in Guangzhou. [Photo: Zhang Youqiong/Nanfang Daily]

Reported by Monica Liu

Edited by Wing Zhang

Editor: Monica Liu

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