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Alpha’s tale of two cities in Guangzhou and Los Angeles

2017-November-8       Source: Newsgd.com

11575 kilometers, or a 14.5 hour flight, now it is very easy to travel from Guangzhou to Los Angeles. And for Alpha Group, the cities have gotten even closer, after the launch of its Feature Animation Unit in Los Angeles.

Based in Guangzhou, with an eye on global expansion

As the largest animation group and a leading pan-entertainment platform in China; after it transformed itself from a toy-oriented company, Alpha has worked tirelessly toward global expansion since the establishment of an exclusive department of overseas affairs in 2000. Over the past few decades, it has developed dozens of popular animations that are popular among children and also adults worldwide, including Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Balala the Fairies, Super Wings and Rakshasa Street.

According to a recent estimation, Super Wings, an animated television series catering for children in pre-school education, has been broadcast in over 90 countries and regions synchronously and has received over 11 trillion online viewers since its debut at the end of 2015. Jett and Donnie, who are main characters in the TV series have become idols for children all over the world.

A poster of the Super Wings [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

According to Wang, what Alpha is now particularly focusing on is its “IP+Industry” strategy, taking advantage of company-owned IP such as from Alpha Group’s U17 Chinese comic website, in addition to developing original ideas. The company is scheduled to leverage those IPs by developing related animation, TV series, films, toys and other products.

When introducing this, Wang said gratefully that they have strongly felt Guangzhou’s awareness of the importance of protection of innovation and copyright, and also felt the benefits of it. Since its start-up, Alpha has witnessed the city’s increasing endeavors in IP protection which enables Alpha to build and optimize its own platform for IP protection and copyright export.

Wang introduced that Guangzhou has provided a suitable environment for Alpha to concentrate on content innovation, since abundant preferential policies are in place in Guangzhou for companies aiming to build themselves a platform or hub in order to explore and develop new ideas.

A staff is designing a side-product for animation in Alpha’s office located in the Zhujiang New Town. [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Wang also emphasized the opportunities for international exchange that have been offered by Guangzhou’s Government, especially the coming Tripartite Economic Summit. She confirmed the opportunities Alpha has seen from the summit, and that its Feature Animation Unit in Los Angeles was partly due to the summit.

Editor: Jasmine

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