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We learn from New Zealand via co-produced animation: Huawen Century

2017-November-7       Source: Newsgd.com

The Tripartite Economic Summit (GZ-AKL-LA) will kick-off in Guangzhou on November 8. Today, we’re heading into Guangdong Huawen Century Animation Co. in Zhujiang New Town, and get the latest updates of their program co-produced with New Zealand.

Wen Jianfeng, GM of Huawen Century, in an interview with Newsgd.com. [Photo\Newsgd.com]

On the other hand, Huawen Century has the resources to help Pukeko Pictures and its animation ideas to more easily penetrate the Chinese market. Wen Jianfeng said apart from co-production, marketing is one of their most important roles in this partnership.

He explained that Huawen Century would help WotWots Kiddets broadcast on domestic TV channels, and organize various offline promotions, such as holding fairs and building theme parks. “We also design side-products and sell them via our retail networks, which include hundreds of thousands of stores nationwide.”

A member of Huawen Century is designing side-products for an animation. [Photo\Newsgd.com]

Guangdong has the right “soil” for animation industry

Huawen Century is a rather successful example in Guangdong showcasing local animation enterprises’ global expansion. In fact, Guangdong is always in the lead when it comes to driving China’s thriving animation business.

In 2016, Guangdong contributed to one third of overall output of the animation industry in China (income from side-products not included). In addition, the province also produced 80 percent of the top-ratedi domestic animations on national TV channels and eight out of the ten domestic animated movies with top box office results last year.

“Guangdong has the right ‘soil’ to develop animation industry,” said Wen Jianfeng, “the three most popular animations in China, including GG Bond, Boonie Bears and Pleasant Goat, are all generated here. And Guangdong has its well established manufacturing industry, meaning easy collaboration on a variety of side-products.”

Editor: Jasmine

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