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We learn from New Zealand via co-produced animation: Huawen Century

2017-November-7       Source: Newsgd.com

The Tripartite Economic Summit (GZ-AKL-LA) will kick-off in Guangzhou on November 8. Today, we’re heading into Guangdong Huawen Century Animation Co. in Zhujiang New Town, and get the latest updates of their program co-produced with New Zealand.

Once we set foot in Guangdong Huawen Century Animation’s offices, Wen Jianfeng, the conpany’s GM, let us take a sneaky peek at the first episode of WotWots Kiddets, a co-produced animation for pre-school children.

Wen looked satisfied with the animation and said quite excitedly, “See how high the saturation is...The production values are really high. I believe it will appeal to our overseas audiences as well.”

Wen Jianfeng has reason to be confident. WotWots Kiddets was co-produced with the high-profile Pukeko Pictures which is the New Zealand animation studio co-founded by Richard Taylor, the creative director of The Lord of Rings film series.

And Weta Workshop, who’ve served as the production team for many famous pieces, including The Lord of Rings and Avatar, was invited to handle some early design of the characters.


Trailer for WotWots Kiddets provided by Huawen Century

“We cooperate and learn from each other...”

“It’s definitely good for our business,” said Wen Jianfeng. He mentioned that the cooperation had a clear and professional division of duties. Pukeko was responsible for the script, design and animatics while Huawen Century did all the animation synthesis.

“This model takes advantage of our different strengths. Pukeko has a remarkable design team. And we have the team to efficiently handle the synthesis process, which takes up about 60% of the overall workload,” said Wen.

This project also enables Huawen Century, a local animation company, to begin to learn and adapt to the standards required of a world class production. Specifically, Wen was impressed by the way in which overseas partner approached the production process.

“Weta Workshop always provides us five drafts for every object in the animation, including the characters and their costumes,” Wen Jianfeng said, “we choose two out of the five with reasons attached, and then send back to them to make final decision.”

“I think this is a very smart though it has rather high requirement on the team’s design abilities. Through such a process, both Pukeko and Weta can gain more insights into the Chinese market, including what we like and what we don’t,” he added.

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Editor: Jasmine

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