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Microsoft: Guangdong can build South China ‘Intelligence Valley’

2017-September-25       Source: Newsgd.com

As a consultant, Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon, corporate vice president of Microsoft, agreed to an exclusive interview with Newsgd.com, explaining his proposal to the Guangdong Government and Microsoft’s future plans in Guangdong.

On 20th September,Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon,Corporate Vice President of IBM arrived at White Swan Hotel.(Photo\ICCFED office)

Newsgd.com: it’s been reported that Microsoft has cooperated with Huawei to develop a cloud computing project in Guangdong. Why choose Guangdong? How about your opinion on Guangdong’s development in cloud computing?

Hon: Huawei is a world-leading service provider, and also a strategic cooperative partner globally. There is a long history of cooperation between Microsoft and Huawei. Recently, Microsoft and Huawei signed an MoU for strategic cooperation on cloud services.

With abundant advantages in location, market structure, preferential policies and talent training and reserve, in recent years Guangdong has been focusing more on Information technology and related industries including cloud computing, big data and AI, which have laid the foundations for the cooperation between Microsoft and Huawei on cloud services this time.

Moreover, Microsoft values Guangdong’s energetic performance in innovation and entrepreneurship, and has been working with governments at all levels in the province as well as enterprises, partners and developers in south china for the intelligent cloud, supporting the province’s innovative enterprises’ incubation, talent training, construction of intelligent cities and so on.

Microsoft has launched several projects and plans in the field of technological innovation in Guangdong. For instance, our company initiated the plan to build a cloud and mobile technology incubator in Liwan district of Guangzhou in 2016. The plan united Microsoft, its recognized operators and the Liwan district government to provide entrepreneurs space and support service in the fields as cloud computing and big data.

Newsgd.com: What are Microsoft’s future plans in Guangdong?

Hon: As early as October of 2014, Microsoft had signed an MoU with the Guangdong provincial government to launch deep cooperation in the fields of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, IP protection in software and so on.

In future, Microsoft hopes to enhance cooperation with Guangdong’s government and Guangdong enterprises. We hope to be more involved in the province’s digitalized transformation, bring in more world-leading technologies and resolutions and establish a special ecological environment for intelligent cloud computing, furthering our cooperation with Guangdong’s industrial upgrade, innovative development as well as urban transformation.

We think that IT development and digital transformation in urban areas play a vital role in China’s future economic development. We are very willing to share with Guangdong our world-class innovation in information technology, and cooperate with Guangdong to co-develop high-end technologies in big data, the Internet of Things, block chain, AI and so on, to satisfy Guangdong’s and moreover the whole of China’s needs.


(By Nan Editor Olivia Simon)

Editor: Jasmine

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