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Jochem Heizmann: Volkswagen will work hand-in-hand with Guangdong on NEVs

2017-September-22       Source: Newsgd.com

In an interview with Newsgd.com, Dr. Jochem Heizmann, a Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, highlighted innovation, digitalization, education and international exchange when talking about cooperation with Guangdong.

On the afternoon of 20th September, Professor Jochem Heizmann, member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, arrived at Guangzhou White Swan Hotel. [Photo\ICCFED office]

Newsgd.com: Volkswagen Group China’s Foshan plant is expected to be expanded this year. Will this help Volkswagen cope with the awaited NEV policy?

Dr. Heizmann: Our Foshan plant is a landmark example of environmentally sound production and will play a crucial role in the enterprise’s e-mobility strategy. It stands for saving energy and water while producing less waste.

Through the expansion, we’re strengthening the plant’s capabilities in terms of production, efficiency and innovation. We look forward to innovative mobility services, more local partnerships and further development in Guangdong.

Both China and Guangdong have been placing emphasis on the development of NEVs, and released relevant policies most recently. We are prepared to deliver 400,000 NEVs to the Chinese market, including plug-in hybrid cars and pure battery cars, by 2020; and 1.5 million NEVs – mostly pure battery cars – by 2025.

Newsgd.com: What is Volkswagen’s future plan for cooperation in Guangdong province?

Dr. Heizmann: Volkswagen Group China is ready to work with Guangdong in all areas of smart and sustainable mobility of the future. And all this must also go hand-in-hand with a holistic environmental strategy.

The next step we plan to digitalize all processes of our Foshan plant and achieve even higher efficiency. Consequently, in terms of production we must further educate our people in the areas of digitalization and AI technologies, as well as in the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

This is why we propose to nurture advanced technical and environmental education in Guangdong province. Volkswagen Group China has already started an environmental education program in schools across the country. Simple things can bring great gains to the world around us – for the benefit of all. We are ready to learn and share ideas.


(By Jasmine Editor Olivia, Simon)

Editor: Nan

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