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A taste of authentic Southeast Asian delicacies in Guangzhou

2019-September-17       Source: Newsgd.com

From now till October 7th, a Southeast Asian Food Festival is underway at the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou.

From now till October 7th, a Southeast Asian Food Festival is underway at the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou. Selected local and imported fresh products, Singaporean guest chef, Ms. Jennifer Yeo, brings traditional Southeast Asian flavors to the city, presenting you mouth-watering choices with an authentic taste.

Ms. Jennifer Yeo [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

With her passion in Asian food, Jennifer Yeo is actively involved in excavating the characteristics of Southeast Asian cuisine and dishes, and devoted to the cooking of traditional taste. To have the traditional taste, in times of years, she has continuously tasted Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nyonya and other local dishes.

In her cooking, Jennifer Yeo integrated her own style and personality, good in using herbs and spices as ingredients. Her dishes are rich in taste, with layer of different flavors, and as colorful as Southeast Asian cuisine should be.

Here are some of the dishes we strongly recommend you to have a try.

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup)

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup) is a MUST-taste dish. The ribs are rich in taste through the processing of cooking and simmering. There are the traditional black pepper-favored Bak Kut Teh and the fusion white pepper pure broth. During this food festival, Jennifer Yeo will present the traditional black pepper herbal flavor Bak Kut Teh to our Guangzhou guests.

Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib Soup) [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Hot and Sour Seafood Soup)

Classic Thai spicy and sour seafood soup with multiple rich flavors, the strong taste of sweet, sour and spicy that stimulate and satisfy your taste buds. Be prepared as you will embark on this delectable journey of Thailand.

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Hot and Sour Seafood Soup) [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Singapore Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab

Singapore is a tropical island, with lavish seafood varieties, in the early years, dishes are served and cooked mainly with chilli for the spiciness in order to remove the moisture in the body. Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab are one of the classical Singapore dishes with two different way of cooking and each have its own unique flavors.

Singapore Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Bobo Chacha

Bobo Chacha, a famous dessert with very simple ingredient, taro, sweet potato, sago and top with coconut milk, the very original and traditional preparation, bringing you back to the good old days of childhood time.

Bobo Chacha [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Promotion Period: September 13th to October 7th, 2019

Promotion Price:

Lunch: CNY 278 / adult (from Monday to Friday)

CNY 378 / adult (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Dinner: CNY 478 / adult (from Monday to Thursday)

CNY 598 / adult (from Friday to Sunday and Public Holiday)

Location: Level 22, The Market Café, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

Prices are subject to 15% (inclusive of service charge and tax)

For reservations, please call +86 20 8396 1234

A combined photo of selected dishes presented at the food festival. [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Editor: Monica Liu

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