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Tabou - A Senegalese Jasmine blooms in South China

2018-July-26       Source: Newsgd.com

A few years ago, a Senegalese woman started her business dream around this street. Now, the torch has been passed to her daughter - Tabou

A peaceful narrator on varied life

Tabou in her apartment [Photo/ Steven, Newsgd.com]

Tabou in her apartment [Photo/Steven, Newsgd.com]

In most of the dream-makers’ stories, the leading character always holds on one thing straight to the end. But for Tabou, her dream is more diversified and much bigger.

“When I started music, I was a writer. Most of my lyrics are about peace, love, encouraging people, hard-working and keeping people moving on. There are so many difficulties in life, if one just focuses on what is wrong instead of what is right, he will be so disappointed in life.”

Tabou believes that music is just a way of communications. She once took communication courses in America before she came to Guangzhou.

“Everyone in the world is a communicator. I think communication is a skill that everybody needs to learn. EVERYBODY. It’s something good to know how to say positive things to people, and music is a part of that.”

After staying in Guangzhou for four years, Tabou has found many interesting stories that she’d like to tell in the future. In the spare time, she usually goes to the Guangzhou Library, Zhujiang New Town.

“I enjoy reading a lot. I think in the future I would like to be a writer. I would write my life in Guangzhou into a book. People here are very passionate, and in some respects, pragmatic. The business is thriving here. If you can see, people are well-organized. In terms of the transportation, it’s very convenient and comfortable and you can go everywhere as you like, as quick as you want.”

“Cantonese (dialect) has a very beautiful accent. When I hear someone speak Cantonese, I cannot help but having a look on them even on a metro. In future, my dreams include working in a movie that talks about Africans living in Guangzhou,” says Tabou with smile in her eyes.


Reported by Keane, December

Photoed by Steven

Edited by Wing

Editor: Keane Wong

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