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Things you may not know about Chinese Q Visa

2017-May-2       Source: Newsgd.com

Marrying a Chinese person probably won't make you a Chinese citizen, but it will open certain doors with regard to visa applications.

When you fail to meet the requirements for China's green card, marrying a Chinese person probably won't make you a Chinese citizen, but it will open certain doors with regard to visa applications. Unfortunately, not as simple as you might hope.

Working only with Q visa is illegal

According to the regulation, you should also be aware that getting married will not enhance your chances of getting a Z visa, also known as 'Work Visa', at all. If you're not able to find a job with a company who can secure you a work permit, the ring on your finger is not going to help you get a work visa.

The one visa that marriage will help you to secure is a Q visa. The Q category is for spouses and family members and allows you to stay in China to be with your family. Note again that a Q visa does not allow you to work – working on a 'Q' visa is as illegal as working on a tourist visa. Think of it as allowing you to enter the country to begin looking for work – when you find work, you'll be able to apply for a work visa.

Laws in a marriage

Once you are married, certain things about your property, visa, and your personal freedoms, you will have to be concerned about. First of all, you should read every detail of the General Principles of the Civil Law in China.

In accordance with the law, the property in the following case shall belong to one party of the couple:

1. The property that belongs to one party before the marriage;

2. payments for medicals expenses received by one party who suffers physical injury subsidies for living expenses granted to the disabled subsidies, etc;

3. The property to be in the possession of the one party as determined by a will or by an agreement of a gift;

4. Articles for daily use especially used by one party.

Also, you should notice that under these three situations are not allowed to apply for divorce in China:

1. Your wife is pregnant;

2. Within one year after the birth of a child;

3. Within six months after the termination of your wife's gestation.

After considering all the issue above, if you plan to get a Q visa as a way live and 'work' in China, you need to consider the benefits and dangers of marriage.

One more thing we kindly remind you here, if you divorce with your spouse after she gave birth a child, according to the law in China, she has the right to take you to the court and sue you for a child support payment.

Source: HiTouch

Editor: 陈锦霞

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