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Sofitel Foshan launches Australian Wagyu menu

2019-March-25       Source: Newsgd.com

Sofitel Foshan is offering comfort for both your stomach and soul with the finest Wagyu beef from Australia’s Queensland State.

Clusters of green leaves and pink flowers have blossomed on the trees, meaning spring is in the air! It is the ideal time to rejuvenate the spirit and awaken taste buds from hibernation.

Sofitel Foshan is offering comfort for both your stomach and soul with the finest Wagyu beef from Australia’s Queensland State. The hotel’s Italian restaurant on the 59th floor offers a spring view of the Foshan downtown along with the beef presentation from chefs.

The Italian restaurant Allegria is decorated in traditional Tuscan style, with Italian groin-vaulted ceiling and gallery running through different parts of dining area. Italian-style open kitchen, fireplace, furniture and lighting create a classic space where eaters can enjoy the authentic Italian fine dining.

The feast of Wagyu beef is served with the pasture-raised Wagyu cattle from Queensland, Australia. Commonly known as the State of Sunshine, Queensland is home to the excellent full-blood Wagyu cattle. Cattle enjoy green pastures, clean air and sweet spring water every day. They are fed for at least 500 days with the aim of producing premium beef that is tender and juicy with a unique sweet and nutty aroma.

Wagyu beef is aged in dry agers which have controlled temperatures, humidity and wind speeds. The process can reduce the lactic acid in beef. In this way, beef can mature in an ideal setting to produce the wonderful beefy flavor. The intricately-designed menu contains the courses of Australian Wagyu beef scoring from M3 to M5. These courses take diners on a gastronomic journey, from a light starter through the continuing fabulous frenzy.

Australian wagyu beef tartare, shallot, cherry tomato confit ¥158

Tartare beef, a well-received European raw food, depends on the quality of ingredients. The smoothest M3 Australian beef tenderloin is a perfect choice for this dish. When eating, poke the egg yolk on top of the pink beef. The golden juicy egg yolk merged together with the flavor of parsley tastes perfectly sweet and salty with a silky texture.

Fire seared Australian wagyu beef carpaccio, arugula, tuna sauce¥128

This dish is inspired by the Italian Veal with Tuna Sauce. Thinly sliced M3 tenderloin beef is seared after being marinated with thyme, parsley, salt, pepper and olive oil for six hours. Searing can make the tenderloin’s surface immediately turn brown and greasy whilst the centre is still pink and raw, to produce sweet and buttery flavors.

Australian wagyu beef consommé, tortellini mascarpone ¥98

This is a dish that can warm your stomach and your soul. The crystal-clear beef bone broth is simmered for 48 hours. Mouth-watering tortellini is thinly stuffed with pink beef that floats delightfully on the broth. The combination of beef slice and mascarpone cheese create a balance between crispness and smoothness.

Homemade tagliolini Australian wagyu beef escalope, black truffle cream¥168

Chinese diners enjoy Italian pasta as it is like Chinese noodles. The Wagyu beef pasta is a hearty dish. The pastas are freshly handmade every day and colored naturally by egg, spinach juice and squid ink. The blend of cream and truffle sauce adds the appetising aroma to “simple” pasta.

Pizza puccia Australian wagyu beef, buffalo mozzarella, tomato ¥168

120g of sirloin, roasted in a charcoal fire until its fats melt, served with salty buffalo mozzarella, fresh arugula, sweet and sour tomato then sandwiched in crusty breads. It is a bite of juicy beef with agreeable charcoal flavors.

Australian M3 wagyu beef sirloin, aged balsamic, arugula ¥328

The sirloin is the fillet situated in the upper back of the animal. It is welcomed by meat enthusiasts because it is tender but firm. Half-done is the best way to cook sirloin. The surface becomes beautifully golden whilst the cuts are still a freshly pink color. Season concentrated oak vinegar nurtures the beefy flavor.

Australian M5 Wagyu Steaks

Australian M5 Wagyu beef ribeye 300g ¥468

Australian M5 Wagyu beef sirloin 250g ¥388

Australian M5 Wagyu beef tenderloin 200g ¥388

The M5 wagyu have a more evenly distributed white fat marbling than the M3. A simple grill can transform Wagyu beef into an exceptional eating experience for the diner. Ribeye steak is amazingly tender and juicy with a chunk of marbled fats melting into the steak. Sirloin steak is intense with beefiness and richness. Tenderloin is the most buttery part of Wagyu beef and superior fat marbling make it literally melt in the month.

Choices of a side dish and sauce:

Roasted potato rosemary, Truffle mashed potato, Creamy spinach, Butter vegetable

Barolo wine sauce, Poivre vert sauce, Porcini mushroom sauce, Garlic thyme sauce.

Australian Wagyu Beef Specialties

Available dates: March 22 to May 5, 2019

Saturdays & Sundays: 11:30-14:30

Daily: 17:30-22:00

Venue: Italian Steak Restaurant Allegria, 59/F

For reservation: 0757-29270801

Sofitel Foshan

Add.: No. 3, Hebin Nan Lu, Lecong, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Tel.: 0757-28812222

Fax.: 0757-29270001


Editor: Monica Liu

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