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Women's Art Festival is going to bring art feast to you

2019-March-11       Source: Newsgd.com

You Look Amazing", the 2019 Women's Art Festival of the Guangzhou Opera House will bring you art feast this spring!

Women are an indispensable and important component of the art field. "You Look Amazing", the 2019 Women's Art Festival of the Guangzhou Opera House brings you art feasts this spring! Following 2017 and 2018, this year's Guangzhou Opera House will launch 13 diverse performances and a series of art exhibitions, knowledge lectures, master classes, workshops and other activities.

Drama: Marriage, by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 《结婚》

Date: 15-16, March

Price: ¥80 180 280 380 480

The playwright of Marriage, Hashida Sugako, Has received numerous accolades for such masterpieces as Oshin, Wataru Seken wa oni Bakari and Akai Giwaku, all of which have moved countless audiences. The 2015 premiere of the HKRep production of Marriage received 11 nominations at the Hong Kong Drama Awards, winning in such categories as Best Leading Actress, Best Set Design, Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design and Top Ten Popular Productions. This rerun reintroduces the audience to this moving tale about the pursuit of happiness.


Life Would Be Perfect If Every Moment Is Just Like The First Met 《人生若只如初见》

Date: 20-21 March

Price: ¥80 180 280 380 480

Would life be perfect if every moment is just like the first encounter? Top directors and famous performers will bring you an extraordinary act about Nalan Xingde, a poet from Qing Dynasty. This dance drama will show his belief and faith as well as his deep patriotic love, giving autiences a touching impression through a wonderful story.


Art School Musical 《梁祝的继承者们》

Date: 29-30 March

Price: ¥80 180 280 380 480 680

All begin with a nightmare.

Zhu Yingtai wanted to explore herself in the Art School, but the idea was some how inverted, she agreed her parents were right: Life is all about planning and answers. She wakes up the realizes she is indeed in the Art School, and a muse appears: Liang Shanbo.

His composure stirs her thoughts; his manners raise questions. However, in contrast to the fertile inspiration of Zhu, Liang feels that he is eternally a piece of white paper- A paiting that isn't drawn, might as well not be drawn.

In this pair of teens who admire each other, who inspired who? And who succeed who?


A Cappella Concert ny Women of the world

Date: 30, March

Price: ¥180 280 380

Women of the World is an international world music ensemble currently based in Boston. Ayumi Ueda, A Berklee College of Mucis alumna from Japan, sought to create an ensemble of artists from all over the world to create music for peace. In 2008, Ayumi joined forces with like-minded musicians, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, Annette Philip from India, and Deborah Pierre from USA/Haiti in order to manifest this vision.

The women of the World repertoire in thus, vast and varied. Constantly searching for new genres to explore, the group has performed in 29 languages. From Bulgarian, Cuban, Ladino, Brazilian, African, Indian and Japanese music to spontaneous improvisation and a-cappella interludes, the sound created by this unique group has grown to have a power that moves not only the members, but huger and huger audiences, as it spreads awareness of different cultures, music, and philosophies.


Concert by Goddess of Cello Christine Walevska

Date: 31, March

Price: ¥180 380 580

Christine Walevska is an American classical cellist. She is known for her numerous recordings with Philips Records and performing concerts worldwide. The music critic Antonio Hernandez of the Brazilian newspaper O Globo referred to Walevska as the "goddess of the cello," a moniker to which she has often since been referred. Typical of the tributes was the comment by the Los Angeles music critic Patterson Greene: “She parallels on the cello the singular persuasiveness of Fritz Kreisler on the violin."


Ju Percussion Group-- Percussion Theatre: Mulan

Date: 3-4, April

Price: ¥80 180 280 380 480 680

Mulan is a very special figure in Chinese historical stories; he character of Mulan combines multiple identities of girl and general, female and male. This play is based on percussion and combines Peking opera to perform its multiple features.


Concert by Lumina Coeli- Girl Choir of France

Date: 14, April

Price: ¥80 180 280 380 480

Lumina Coeli was founded in 2012 by Hugo Gutierrez. It is within the Instruction Saint Lazare- Saint Sacrament of Autun that the girls are trained in choral singing on school time from kindergarten to high school. The girls’ choir is made up of 45 girls aged 7 to 16, selected for their vocal qualities and strength of spirit. LUMINA COEL is one the rare choirs with voices of young girls in France with an international vocation. The repertoire of the choir composed of sacred music, secular and opera.

Editor: Xiaowen

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