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Consultants in GD’s ICCFED

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The 2017 International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province (ICCFED) is about to kick off on Sept. 21 and become the 11th ICCFED since 1999.

In the previous sessions, world’s top consultants submitted numerous forward-looking proposals, some of which have been proved to be effective for Guangdong’s development. In the following page, we will show you who these consultants are and what they have done for the better future of Guangdong.

Consultants by countries

A total of 69 international corporations have participated in all of the 11 ICCFED. They are the world’s top enterprises, associates and universities in U.S. (30), Japan (9), Germany (6), UK (5), France (3), Italy (3), the Netherlands (2), Switzerland (2), Australia (2), Canada (1), Denmark (1), Finland (1), Sweden (1), South Korea (1), Singapore (1) and Saudi Arabia (1). 44 of the attended enterprises are on the Global 500 list.

Global 500 enterprises
Industries & sectors

The 69 attended corporations are from 7 major business sectors. Financial & professional services (20), technology & digital (16) and advanced engineering, manufacturing & transport (11) are the top three sectors where they’re specialized in, which indicates Guangdong has been emphasizing on developing finance and technology in the passing years. Besides, the ICCFED also invited 11 universities and professional associates for advices in fields of culture, education and industry development.

Old friends and new friends

Many consultants attended the ICCFED in a continuous basis. Consultants from ABB, Marubeni, BP and Emerson are four of our old friends with the highest frequency of participation while consultants from Cisco, IDG and Metlife are our newest friends who will participate in the ICCFED for the first time this year. Most of the enterprises these consultants work for have invested in or are operating grant projects in Guangdong.

Old friends with highest frequency of participation

ABB Group

Headquarter : Zurich Switzerland
Global 500 rank : 314
Sector : robotics: power: automation technology
Participation : 10/11

Marubeni Corporation

Headquarter : Ōtemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Global 500 rank : 116
Sector : trade:services
Participation : 10/11


Headquarter : London, U.K.
Global 500 rank : 12
Sector : oil:gas
Participation : 9/11


Headquarter : St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Global 500 rank : 480
Sector : engineering: manufacturing
Participation : 8/11

New friends


Headquarter : California, U.S.
Global 500 rank : 187
Sector : high-tech services and products
Participation : 1/11

IDG Capital

Headquarter : Beijing
Sector : venture capital:capital investment
Participation : 1/11


Headquarter : New York, U.S.
Global 500 rank : 128
Sector : insurance
Participation : 1/11

Key words in themes

Every ICCFED has a specific theme, around which the attended consultants write reports and put forward their position-relevant suggestions. The eight keywords with the highest frequency showing up in the ICCFED themes are Finance, Innovation, International Cooperation, Opening up, Technology, Industrial Transformation, Sustainability and International Competitiveness. The themes of the ICCFED, in a large degree, can reflect the key focus of Guangdong in different time frames.

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Data Sources: Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission; the official website of the ICCFED

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Advisors to attend the ICCFED 2017

Consultants by countries
Industries & sectors
Old friends and new friends
Key words in themes
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