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[Shenzhen] Wild beach and ancient village
Latest Updated by 2006-06-19 10:03:04
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[Shenzhen] Wild beach and ancient village

A BONUS of visiting the beaches in Kuichong (such as Shangdong) is that one of the few parts of Shenzhen undisturbed by urbanization, Baguang Village, is a short 20 to 30 minute drive away. Unlike the well-developed Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches, Baguang is a place for both vacationers and adventurers.

Sitting at the eastern end of Yanba Expressway, Baguang features the biggest forest of heritiera littoralis trees in China, ancient villages of typical Hakka-style houses and wild beaches and islands formed by volcanic rocks.

Popularly known as the "looking-glass mangrove," the heritiera littoralis tree belongs to the mangrove species and is only found in a few Asian countries. The forest in Baguang is at least 200 years old. The oldest tree, 25 meters high and four-and-a-half meters in diameter, is more than 300 years old.

To survive centuries of typhoons, the trees have developed giant roots above ground. The roots, more than two meters high, intersect with one another in a jungle-like web. Walking through the forest, it is hard to believe that the scenic wood is a part of Shenzhen.

Beaches in Baguang share the same original and natural look as the woodland. There are no gentle slopes of fine, white sands-- stretching along the primitive woods are red volcanic rocks. Though not a site for swimming, the rugged shore is a perfect place for venturing on rocks and searching for crabs or well-preserved seashells.

How to get there

Buses: Take 360 and 364 and get off at Kuichong, change to bus 987 or take a taxi or motorcycle to Baguang Village. A ride from the bus station to Baguang Village costs 10 yuan per person and 15 yuan for two.

Driving routes: Xichong (Shangdong Beach) -- Shenkui Road -- Kuiba Road -- Jingxin Reservior -- Baguang Village, or take Yanba Expressway to the end, and turn to Dapeng direction for a few minutes' drive, and you will get to the village.

Warning: It's easy to miss the crossing on Kuiba Road that leads to the Jingxin Reservior, please check the map before you start the trip and carefully note the road signs along the way.

Where to stay

Camping is allowed. Local villagers also offer accommodations to visitors with prices beginning at 50 yuan per person.

What to eat

Although there are no large restaurants in the neighborhood, dining is not a problem. The most popular way of catching a meal is to take a boat off Aozai Wharf and dine on the water, at restaurants run by local fishermen. Customers make their orders by taking a tour around the boat and picking their meals from the fresh and live selections kept on board. Note, however, that seafood off the wharf is often priced almost two times higher than restaurants on Nao'ao streets.

Editor: Wing

By: Song Yingwen Source: Szdaily web edition
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