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[Group Photos] Sanqing Hill - Home of clouds & mist
Latest Updated by 2006-04-28 14:16:03
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Cuddly koala contingent arrives in Guangzhou home
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[Group Photos] Sanqing Hill - Home of clouds & mist

KNOWN as "The First Fairy Mount of South China", Sanqing Mountain is Located at the junction of Dexing and Yushan counties in Jiangxi Province, a well-known revolutionary cradle in East China.

The scenery of Sanqing Mountain over the four seasons is varied and beautiful. The area is famous for its jagged rocks, strangely shaped pine trees, clouds and mist.

According to legend, Sanqing Mountain, also known as Shaohua Mountain, was a sacred place for the Taoists in ancient times. During the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-420), Taoist scholar Ge Hong (AD 284-364) cultivated himself and made pills of immortality here. Since 1988, however, it has been under the protection of the State.

This peaceful mountain acclaimed as "The Land of Peach Blossoms" is famous for its three peaks: Yujing Peak, Yuhua Peak, and Yuxu Peak, which resemble the three gods worshipped in Taoism (Sanqing means "Three Pure Ones" in Chinese).

The main peak Yujing Peak is 1,817 metres above sea level, where a huge stone named "Shengtian Shi" stand. It is said people who have faith in Taoism will ascend to heaven if they climb this stone.

Due to its cliffs and ruggedness, it is very hard for visitors to climb Sanqing Mountain on foot, but the most eye-catching scenery only can be appreciated from on top of the mountain.

Visitors usually prefer to take the cable car, which carries them a total distance of 2,426 metres. Sitting in the cable cars, visitors are steadily raised higher and higher, like fairies flying in the air. Pines and cypresses of verdant green, cliffside waterfalls and springs are all clearly seen.

About 80 per cent of Sanqing Mountain is covered by primeval forest. More than 2,500 kinds of plants can be found there, most of which can be used to make traditional Chinese medicine.

Luxuriant vegetation, abundant food and a gentle sub-tropical climate make Sanqing Mountain a wonderful home for rare and strange animals.

On the way to the summit of Sanqing Mountain, "Nushen Feng" or "Goddess Peak" shouldn't be missed. This goddess is more than 60 metres high. Legend has it that she was the only daughter of an old man who made a living by gathering medicinal herbs. His daughter let out a secret about the supreme deity of Taoism, so she had to receive the punishment of being turned into a stone mountain. She certainly looks convincing, as if buried in her thoughts.

Visiting Sanqing Mountain after the rain brings on another kind of feeling. The whole mountain is shrouded by clouds and mist, which the wind blows into various strange shapes. The water of Sanqing Mountain is as clear as crystal. It is said that drinking the refreshing water has a rejuvenating effect.

How to get there (from Guangzhou by Train):

From Guangzhou to Shangrao

Train No. Starting from
K100 Guangzhou East Station
K326 Guangzhou Station
1312 Guangzhou Station
K210 Guangzhou Station
K48 Guangzhou Station

From Shangrao to Guangzhou

Train No. Stopping at
1311 Guangzhou Station
2093 Guangzhou East Station
K99 Guangzhou East Station
K325 Guangzhou Station
K47 Guangzhou Station
K209 Guangzhou Station

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By: Source: Shanghai Star
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[Group Photos] Sanqing Hill - Home of clouds & mist

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