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Lingnan School of Painting
Latest Updated by 2003-05-29 17:04:21

Landscape Picture by Li xiongcai

One of major Chinese traditional painting schools, Lingnan School of Painting came into being in late Qing period. The first generation of the school included the "Three Masters of Lingnan", i.e. Gao Jianfu, Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren, who did extensive research and practice on the traditional painting with South China characteristics. The subjects were mostly strong and forceful things like ceibas, galloping horses, flying eagles and age-old pines. Technically, they sought after naturalism, applying both oriental traditional naivete and west European water color skills. So that their paintings look harmonious, clear and fresh.

The second generation is represented by Guan Shanyue, Li Xiongcai, Zhao Shao'ang and Yang Shanshen, who have made break through in both subject themes and technicality. They are the 4 major contemporary Lingnan painters.

Gao Jianfu (1879-1951)

Born in Panyu, Guangzhou. Following Ju Lian (famous painter in the late Qin Dynasty) to learn painting at an early age, he later went to Japan to continue his study where he joined the 1911 revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Upon returning home, he was devoted into art education, setting up a painting institute in Guangzhou in 1924, teaching in Zhongshan University and Nanjing Central University respectively. He moved to Macau during the World War II, and came back to Guangzhou in 1946 to set up Nanzhong Arts Academy and to assume the presidency of Guangzhou Municipal Art School. Gao was skilled in landscape, flower and bird, animal and portrait paintings. Winner of gold medals at Italy World Expo and Panama World Expo, he left over a number of paintings including the masterpieces of "Fire at the Oriental Battlefield" and "Pine and Moon". Publication: "Collection of Gao Jianfu". His residence is situated on the Jiefang Road, N., now open to the public.

Go Qifeng (1889-1933)

Flowers & Birds Picture by Guan Shanyue

One of the founders of Lingnan Painting School and younger brother of Go Jianfu, he was deeply influenced by his elder brother in painting techniques, ideas and personal experience. He was good at depicting birds, animals and flowers. Three of his masterpieces were hung at the Memorial Hall of Dr. Sun Yat-sen; "sea Eagle", "White Horse" and "Lion". His most famous painting is "Maple Tree and Eagle" scroll. He taught numerous students among whom are known painters as Huang Shaoqiang of the "Tian Fen Six Scholars".

Chen Shuren (1883-1948)

Born in Panyu, Guangdong, one of the founders of Lingnan Painting School and renowned politician. Chen Shuren learned painting from Ju Lian when young. In 1905, he joined the new China Party and continued his study at Kyoto Art Academy of Japan. He was involved in the restructuring of KMT and succeeded to Sun Yat-sen as the Director of Overseas Chinese Bureau. After settling down in Guangzhou in 1947, he concentrated on art creation and produced a collection of poems, collections of paintings as" Chinese Paintings by Chen Shuren" and "Chen Shuren's Sketches". To commemorate his contributions, a memorial house in his name was built on the ruins of his former residence and open to the public on Nov. 26, 1988. A memorial hall for his son Chen Fu, a member of CPC and a revolutionary martyr, is also built inside the two-storied architecture.

Guan Shanyue

Born in Yangjiang, Guangdong, Guan is a famous Chinese Painting artist and art educator. He learned painting from Gao Jianfu. Since 1980, he was elected Vice Chairman of China Artists Association. He once went on lecture tours to US and Japan and has held personal exhibitions. Publications: "Collection of Sketches by Guan Shanyue on Tour in US". "Copying Mural Paintings on Dunhuang Grottos" and "Guan Shanyue on Painting", etc. His representative work "The country is so beautiful" is hung on the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Editor: Liao Ming

By: Source:South CN
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